After SEE ! What ??

What after SEE?
After SEE, students can enroll in various courses like accounting package; IT courses such as c, c++, website design, graphic design, multimedia, and animation according to their interest.

What kind of course would be ideal for SEE appeared students? How difficult or easy are these courses?
We have various courses. Basic courses like programming or designing courses are available. Students can opt to do C and C++ course as well. In addition to this, we have a basic course like Microsoft PowerPoint, excel, word package and accounting package.

How do these courses help students?
Three months is enough to prepare students for the further education. Students willing to pursue IT course can enroll in IT packages. If they have thought about taking BBS, BBA or BIM, they can take accounting package.

What kind of package do you suggest for students who are not sure which program to pursue: management, science or arts?
There are diverse courses in IT including programming, data base, and hardware network. If students want to be software engineering they can do programming but if students are not willing to go to computer field but they want to gain knowledge about it, courses like page designing, graphic designing course help them a lot. It has become mandatory for students of BBS or BBA to have knowledge about C and c++ courses. We have accounting package as well.

Do these courses help them find a job?
Of course, if they take 2 months package training and do an internship for 1 or 2 months it won’t be difficult for them to find a job.

Students who plan to go abroad for further study generally take IT course. How important is IT course for them?
It’s very important. Not just for the students willing to study abroad but for Nepali students as well. IT course help students in intermediate or bachelors level. IT has played key role in our day to day life. For example, we use facebook, and you tube on a regular basis. There are four packages in graphic designs including software, Photoshop design, in design and free hand. After completing these course, one can easily design a logo, banner, card, etc.

How easy is it to find a job?
Basically, IT graduate find a job in Software Company. Besides that, IT degree holders are being hired in a bank, INGO, NGO, malls, and banks.

Have you introduced any package targeting SEE appeared students?
We have introduced a package named Diploma in Website Design and Development. It’s a six-month program that includes three packages. At first, students about learn c and C++ that last for a month. In the second stage, they will be taught website designing for 2 months. Lastly, they will learn about Web development that can be completed in three months. After completing this six-month package, students can do an internship.

How affordable are these courses?
Yeah, we have a very reasonable fee structure. Moreover, we have introduced discount offer for SEE appeared students.

Lastly, do you want to say something to SEE appeared students?
Hurry up, guys. This three months period is very crucial and valuable. If you utilize this duration properly, you can make your future bright.

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