Need of Soft Skills

Most of the skills are acquired from learning, training. The skill sets you have gained are the technical skills but some skills are also behind the curtains that takes you to farther end and has an intrinsic values with it. These set of skills are known as the soft skills. Soft skills are the combination of people skills, social skills, communication skills, and character traits. These skills can excel you in your jobs to viable leadership positions. They are also known as transferable skills or professional skills. It relates to your attitude and intuition. It is more rather personality driven, traits and characteristics. They are less specialized, less rooted in specific vocations. As a job incumbent you should also prioritize on your soft skills or core competencies besides the hard skills. For an employee to perform effectively in the working environment, he or she must have the vital set of technical and non-technical skills. As adults we have different approach of getting things done. Diversities in working environment comes from experience, demeanors, age, goals and culture. In this communication age connotations and denotation of word's we are using are inconsistent as the non-verbal implications are missed out. Soft skills is demonstrated when you step outside of your own mind and place your shoes as the recipient. Only few possess these skills. Overly complex messages, communication barriers, mistrust also play an important message or data be misunderstood. Success of virtual organizations depend upon networking, so those who develop and maintain the interpersonal skills, use collaboration work the way it is designed to be are far more worthy than those who have only hard skills. Business have become more social with growth of social media, so employees are expected to follow the suit. Soft skills are the priority of your business there are also some overlooked skills which are nonetheless essential for today's business.


Some of the soft skills list of examples are: oral speaking capability, manners and business etiquette, high morals, optimistic and encouraging attitude, accountable, reliable, resourceful, loyalty, self-motivated, other transferable skills that gives value to the organization and employees in their day to day affairs. Young graduates who are joining organization must know how to push your soft skills in your CVs and during job interviews.

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