Poem Mangshir 2074


Those teary eyes

betrayed with lies

once used to show the entire galaxy

now just a exigency

of demon’s fantasies.

Her lips curves

don't know how many times

it's been served

Her chest full of pink,

purple bruises of dead blood

With an ugly grin,

she hides her spasm.

She, just a nubile flesh

to give them orgasm

As they lost inside her

the pain below her belly

her scream of agony

their pleasure sighs

blends music of painful lullabies.

Body lying over her

Brothel's ceiling staring at her

Every time she serve her

they roughly paint her

from top to button

with their colors

But, she could only see color red

over her body

and in her white bed


-As eyes ned

Tri-Chandra College






Hide it !

You have feelings for a guy, Oh please

hide it!

You wanna laugh??

don’t laugh that way,

Just smile !

Be shy for every time , for every while


Oh that cleavage of yours,

please hide it!

Red stain on your pants hides it

Your butt seems bigger

Your thighs looks sexier!

Just hide it.

Oh that scars on your neck

Blisters or bruises

You've been loved or thrashed

Whatever but Hide it!

Oh you are in pain,

But honey is having fun

Please hide it

Hide everything, hide yourself under

the ceiling.

No one cares about your feelings.

Because you are not a human being,

You are a woman being!

Mind it and please hide it!!


-As eyes ned

Tri-Chandra College






Life is nothing but just a Game.

Who plays the best wins the Fame.

Life starts with crying.

Which ends with dying?

Life, full of mystery

has a big History.

Life with many problems.

Is long n lasting with happiness.

Life with lack of solution

is short with sorrows.

Life has various stages.

Begins with childhood days.

Passes with teenage.

Have various Dangers.

Now life takes a great mode

with some load.

Our life with one we share.

Who takes our complete care.

Life with trouble’s bangle.

Makes our world Strangle.

But life in my angel

is easy to handle.

Life has many meaning.

According to peoples thinking.

Life is compared to many things.

Is also like mathematics.

Where friends are added.

Joys are multiplied

Enemies are subtracted

Sorrows are divided.

Life in this modern age.

Has got a busy in cage.

No time to stand and stare.


-Sumina Pradhan

Shwoyambhu International College

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