What Next After SEE?


Firstly, we would like to congratulate all the students who appeared in SEE exams this year. You have crossed the golden gate of your education life. Dear friends this is the best period of your life. Now you are ready to prepare yourself to walk in the direction of your dreams and ambitions.  Before you there are multiple options each heading to different paths that have successful career opportunities in the future. We all have a heck of time deciding which path to take. Those who have an ambition of becoming Doctor, Engineer, Chartered Accountant, Chief Executive they have all lines opened in the field of education and don’t have to look some place else.In Nepal we have Colleges and programs tailored to meet your requirements. There are counsellors who can advise on what course to choose. If you want to study in abroad there are options. We have plus 2 and A level courses also that is equivalent to abroad and from that you apply for further studies with services provided by education consultancies. If you are doing bridge courses that is also one of the options. Nowa days Information Technology is one sector where the job market are growing everywhere. You can enroll in IT training courses also to get a glimpse of Information technology that can give you a right career path. There are subjects like social science that can help you facilitate the dream of serving the society and nation. You can gain a degree and work in social sectors with various NGOs and INGOs. Employement opportunities are there for entreprenuers and self employed also for those who want to set start-ups of their own Company and become a market leader. In Science there are subjects like pharmacy, public health, engineeringand have different streams for specialization. You can also find rewarding career in Management. Financial institution and companies are driven by MBAs and Chartered Accountants. In the field of Education professions like teaching, academic consultants, academicians are the job profiles. Dear friends! You are the future and a role model. You have the world in your hands. Your involvment to shape a right path in the future depends on your choice, level of interest and your plans for the future. The decision to be the person you desire is not from the pressure to be someone which others want you to be  rather it is your own needs and requirements to make you the most sought after person in your society and nation. You can always do research online, visit Colleges and known what education they are giving and see if it matches your profile. If you see it is different and mismatched you are free to consider other areas that will bring you closer to your life’s purpose.

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    After SEE you are ready for your College life. It is not a surprise that you are having a difficulty of finding the right College. Depending on your affordability, competitveness, accessibility, global recognition you seek to find the College that is right for pursuing your studies. Statistics show 90% choose to join plus2 and remaining 10% are divided in CBSE, IC (International Baccalaureate) and A Level.


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