What to study? BBA or BBM?

What to study? BBA or BBM?

Have you just completed your +2 and are certain that you want to study further in your career in the field of management? But you’ve heard about two bachelor degree program, BBA or BBM, and you are confused about which one to choose and what to study? You don’t have to worry anymore. After you go through this article, you’ll get some ideas about both the courses. Then you can evaluate and choose either BBA or BBM for yourself.

Introduction to the courses

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a four year administrative management program offered in Nepal by several national as well as foreign universities. Some of the universities of Nepal which offers BBA are TU, KU, Pokhara, Purbanchal, Far-Western, Mid-Western, and Nepal Open University.  London Metropolitan, Westcliff, Lincoln, and Limkokwing are few foreign universities that have provided affiliation to some of the private colleges of Nepal. BBA has a total of 120 credit hours of study which is divided across 8 semesters. The curricular structure of BBA is divided into Foundation courses, Managerial courses, Specialized courses, and Internship.

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) is a new program launched by TU. Like BBA, BBM is also a four year management program comprising of 8 semesters. TU has given affiliation to more than 47 public as well as private business schools to run this program. This degree also has a total credit hours of 120. The curricular structure of BBM is divided into Business Tool courses, Business Foundation course, Focus Area courses, Elective Area courses, and Report Writing or Internship.

Is there a significant difference between BBA and BBM?

There is one significant difference between the two programs and that is Focus Area course offered in BBM. The BBM program includes these courses in addition to all the Foundation courses of management. While BBA normally provides area of specialization in Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, and Project Management, BBM provides niche areas for specialization like Bank Operations and Cooperative Management, Sales and Marketing, Insurance and Risk Management, and Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development. Students will have to study 5 subjects from focus area of their interest.

Now that you have reached the end of the article, your question regarding what to study between BBA and BBM might already have been answered. If you are clear about your future path, say you know you want to build a career in Insurance companies, then BBM can be a good option as you can gain in-depth knowledge about that specific sector of management. Other than this small difference, both BBA or BBM are equally good degree to study. Both offers similar courses and with that comes similar skillsets.

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