Anatomy of Generation Gap

Most of us are accusing “generation gap” as a prime factor for parents-children conflicts; conflicts in thoughts and interest between two peoples of different generations. However, it is just an escape and not exactly the right way to find the real cause.

This never helps you to find the real solutions. As a consequence, huge misunderstanding between two generations may set up, leading to devastating emotional upsets.

Thinking more precisely, during anatomy of a so-called generation gap, an idea that is constantly striking me is about continuity of generation, a biologically significant process of producing next generation giving the real essence of existence. If continuity of generation exist then where is the gap? Does the generation gap really exist? And, if it exists what actually is this idea? Is it a time gap between two generations? If so, how such a natural and obvious gap could be the reason of parents-children conflicts? How could we sort out any conflict pointing at such a natural phenomenon as a cause of it? If we go on blaming a natural phenomenon as a cause, then we'll be nowhere near to finding the solution because we can’t change nature. The only left option is to reconfigure our thoughts to understand the generation gap in a right way. If not, this will be the reason behind constant fails to create the connections between two generations.

Rethinking over this idea raised several more questions in my head and conclusion is still far leaving no option to think more. Questions continue…..Does the generation gap mean the gap in thoughts and interest between two generations? If so, what should we call the gap in thoughts and interest amongst the people of same generations, of same or different geographical locations? Doesn’t the interpersonal difference exist irrespective of the age and generation? And if the interpersonal difference is possible amongst the people of same generations what is the ground of blaming generation gap as a cause of conflicts in interest and thoughts?

Most often, I found many parents searching all qualities in their children. He/she should be intelligent, smart, and studious;
they even decide the field of their academics and impose own ideas for their future overruling some other special qualities which their children seriously wanted to be addressed. I am not telling you not to keep interest about the secured future of your child; instead, I am asking just not to impose your idea on them forgetting your own situations in his/her age. Rather, you need to address and support your child’s interest which will develop inner bonding in between you and your child. Do not ever try to search unreal capacities like fragrance in gold, because if gold would have a fragrance then it will perhaps be something different and of course, not the gold. Never count your children for what they don’t have and always supportively boost up theunique and special quality your child has. Seriously, it’s your real responsibility. Youngsters!! You have energy and will power. Use it with the experience of your seniors. You are not supposed to cross the boundary without analyzing the possible consequences. Analysis?? Yes…it needs amalgamation of knowledge, wisdom and experiences which you can harvest from your seniors. Always take time before taking any decision because deciding in haste sometimes is the cause of regret for rest. Always pay a sincere attention to understand your parent’s devotion and assistance because they are just worried about your future. So convince them by your dedication and high level of honesty for what you want in your life instead of arguing. Remember, if you fail to convince your parents logically, then you, of course, have to suffer from strong impositions. It will be then just like putting your two legs into two different boats; one boat is of your interest and another, of course, is your parent’s imposition. Consequence? You can imagine.

Finally, after a synthesis, I found a ray of conclusive thoughts rolling over my head. I believe that a huge rectification of thoughts about generation gap is required in the people of both generations with a wide understanding of interpersonal differences. Both generations need to develop a respect for the independence of thoughts leaving so-called ego and avoiding all kind of impositions and comparisons.

Vivek Ranjan Paudel PGT, Botany
Sainik college, Sallaghari

Vivek Ranjan Paudel, is TU topper (Gold medalist) has completed his in Botany with Plant Biotechnology and plant Biochemistry. He is Involved in plant researches with many published articles. He has about a decade long experiences in teaching and dealing with teen age issues working as a Post Graduate Teacher (Lecturer) at Sainik College Sallaghari Bhaktapur.

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