Your Best Friend and Worst Enemy

Imagine you are in a candle light dinner date outside the country. A beautiful candle and the dim light in the atmosphere, soft music played in the background, your date in front of you, staring at you with the most lovable smile. You order for the best food available in that hotel. You both are absolutely immersed in a cozy talk and the food comes. The smell of this delicious looking food waters your mouth. You were about to take the first bite, all of a sudden your phone rings. This person on the other side of the phone says, “Hello, someone from your family got sick, we rushed him/her to the hospital and is in ICU. Don’t worry, its stable” and hangs the phone.

Now tell me, do you think you will be able to enjoy the food?

No, right? It’s because our Mind got disturbed. If our mind is perfect, no matter we fall down, we will stand with a smile. Even if failure comes, something from inside will say, “no worries, will do it again more better”. But if the mind is not fine, you will not be able to smile or become happy even if you might have 3 bungalows, 6 cars and what not.

That's why, in The Art of Living, we say “Quality of our life depends upon the state of our mind”. The quality of life does not depend on how many cars we have or the curry in your plate. It simply depends on the state of your mind.

Stress seems to be the most common word in today’s world. I have to be brutally honest while writing about the several disadvantages of Stress. Few among them are: Reduces our ability to think, concentrate and work in the team, Lowers creativity, Health goes off tune, Headache, Backache, Anxiety, Depression, Unusual appetite, Relationships are affected, Clouded with Negative thoughts, Doubt on own self and much more.

If you go and tell your friend, “Come-on, fly an airplane”. Will your friend be able to fly? No. Similarly, every day we say “Come-on, don’t worry”. Teachers say “Come-on, Concentrate”, Parents say “Come-on, don’t get angry”. Did you notice, they never teach “HOW” i.e. the technique which is the most important thing. It is easy to say do this and do that but how is never taught.

There are techniques that we can learn to handle the mind and also stress. If handled properly, the mind can be your best friend and we can do wonders. Else this will turn out to be our worst enemy.

I would recommend you to join various programs of The Art of Living website. These programs and techniques designed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar are taught in more than 152 countries officially. These workshops and programs can do wonders for you.

Meanwhile, you can also visit to see few of the basic techniques. You can also contact me ( for any queries. Let us join hands together for the Stress-Free Empowerment.

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