Dear freshers, before moving on to subjects let me tell you that your performance in 10th standard play a very vital role in your academic pursuits. Normally we think that a candidate who have managed to score 85 and above are likely to choose Science and become doctors, engineers, scientist and people who have scored average to above average will join Commerce and some who have scored just fair will join Humanities or arts. This is not the sole indicator for a person to land into these programs and are only limited to a generalized mentality. If  a student had worked hard to score good grades for a subject  then he will definitely make himself more prepared, memorized the subject from page to page while sitting down for exams, all this indicated that it was the level of motivation and his intrinsic needs to escalate up for which he require to work hard make him decide his future plans for choosing a subject.

If you look at courses today there are compulsory and elective subject also. Compulsory subject for Science stream is Physics, Chemistry, Biology but as an optional subjects: Math, Economics, Computer Science are there that differentiates a student to have knowledge of what his course is relevant for while applying in real life scenarios. For commerce student his main subjects are Business Organization and office management, Accounts, Economics. Optional Subjects: Math, Computers, Economics. Now choosing any of these would help him have in-depth information of what his education in that field would be eventually. For humanities main subjects are History, Geography, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Sanskrit, Philosophy and Anthropology. You can specialize in any one of the aforementioned subject as it creates career avenues as a lecturer, correspondent etc. Students aspiring to go in hotel line can study social studies as base. Your interest and your persistence to set a career path by having the desired qualification and experience are the foundations of professional environment. You don’t need to be discouraged that you were not able to give your best because until your graduation you have splurged into many choice of subjects and one you are most drawn to will aspire you to consider making a serious career goal over the rest and you are bound to show your full potential by exploring deeper in those subjects that come out of your own pursuits.  The only thing you need to consider at this stage is what is good for your friend may not be good for you. You need to be realistic and honest with yourself after all you know what suits your taste. At the same time we suggest you keep an eye open and take advice from your parents, teachers and adults because their experience can also give you a realization into how the working environment is in the real life.

The higher you reach in your academic life you start to think that will it give me the dividends of all the hard work and investment that I have made to come up here. Your self-assessment is also justified but you need to see the truth-your truth. Did it work for you or not. Always have an unbiased and clear idea of where you are going with your life how much you have put in and what distance you need to cover to keep up your dreams. Aim for excellence and always seek creative, rationale way of dealing with anxiety. Make sure whatever you are doing will make a living for you rest of the life. We learn and we grow, experience is the best teacher. Be the change you want others to see!!!

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    Your college life begins after completing your SEE exams. After passing the golden gate you have moved one step ahead in realizing your goals. Different doors open new paths infront of you. As your friend and mentor we suggest you that yes it is important to score good grades in high school and Plus2. But we want you to learn not just only to score but learn for retaining knowledge to achieve your higher aspirations. Seek out, explore because knowledge is flowing and it is not confined to one area; seek wisdom that can fulfill your life’s purpose.


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