Your college life begins after completing your SEE exams. After passing the golden gate you have moved one step ahead in realizing your goals. When you join Plus 2 your study is concentrated to a particular stream. If you have thought about becoming a doctor, studying pharmacy, Information technology, and engineering you have chosen science stream. If your goal was becoming a certified Chartered accountant, banker, CEO then you have opted to study Management. If you want to do social service work in NGOs then you must have chosen to study humanities.

Different doors open new paths infront of you. As your friend and mentor we suggest you that yes it is important to score good grades in high school and Plus2. But we want you to learn not just only to score but learn for retaining knowledge to achieve your higher aspirations. Seek out, explore because knowledge is flowing and it is not confined to one area; seek wisdom that can fulfill your life’s purpose. When we learn we have the skill that size up to real life situations. Bringing knowledge into practice is vital. Don’t limit yourself to only scoring high grades and after getting the marksheet in hands you are faced with a dilemma because you don’t know the purpose of your studies. Good examination results are not exactly the same as good quality education. Research showed that short term measure to boost examination results have little long term benefit, except to the careers of those who implement them.

From morning till the afternoon you spend your time in the classroom. We believe that classroom environment must be rich in the learning and teaching approach, it should be adventure producing, risk promoting to allow students become naturally curious. When your instructor put you in the driver’s seat then don’t be despondent because from now on you will be modern lifelong learners and that is the crux of whole thing amicable about living your life. We encourage Plus 2 students to be proactive  and conscentious because this two years of your life can grow bigger and make you much aware about your career and goals after you complete your education from University. One thing that you may expect from your teacher is proficiency which means if a teacher feels that a student doesnot meet a satisfactory level of performance on one target give them another opportunity to demonstrate that students understand the content taught by teacher. Plus 2 students should also utilize this opportunity because we know there is a room for improvement for each one of you during your learning process.

Students need to pursue their own interest and know why he/she is learning this subject. In this way you can see a bigger picture and realize that grades are only a stepping stone but you ambitions, your future and your satisfaction scales much higher so always learn for achievement and improvement, not just for grades. Wish you all the luck in life.

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