From the desk of TU Registrar

An interview with the TU Registrar Mr. Dilli Ram Uprety


Q) At the moment in which areas is Tribhuvan University focusing on?

At the time when there was only one University in Nepal, the focus of Tribhuvan University was

extending the reach for higher education and learning to the citizens of the Country. Now when there

are other Universities also, now Tribhuvan University has focused mainly on making higher education

more technical by using Information Technology and modern techniques in our education. Tribhuvan

University has merged the courses which were running successfully earlier with new courses in which

students participation are few. So, the main focus of T.U. is giving emphasis to new programs and

merging of old courses with the new courses to impart holistic education.


Q) What kind of academic programs are essential to bring practical education at the mainstream in

today’s context?

Since past 6-7 years, Tribhuvan University has introduced new degrees in every faculty and academic

institutions. For e.g. in Humanities we have introduced new subjects like Crisis Management studies,

International relations and Diplomacy and new courses like Bachelor in Computer Application. We are

making learning inter-disciplinary. In Management stream, earlier we had BBS and MBS, now as per

market needs we have brought BBA, BIM and MBA courses as it very essential today. From jobs

perspective we have launched BHM (Bachelor in Hotel Management), BTTM and courses on Financial

Management are also making a head start. In Science, BSc.CSIT courses which are technical form of

education. Social studies curriculum has also changed and we are adhering to it. We don’t claim we have

changed each and every course with growing job market due to human resource, infrastructure and

financial constrains. At present, we are focusing on bring new courses in our faculties.


Q) What is your take about not adding new courses to the school of education?

If you look in Science faculty, we have subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Geology.

Then after that subjects like Environmental science came to the fore. We are successfully conducting

Bio-Technology courses along with Computer science course which was not there earlier and brought at

later phase. Even in Engineering we have disaster management, Geology engineering. Not rapidly, but

certainly we are bringing new courses into our education.


Q) In Nepal we have more of general courses but very few specialization courses which are prominent

at abroad education for e.g. MBA Entrepreneurship, IT Security etc. What is your take on it?

Elective courses are provided more in foreign countries but are very limited in our Country. There are

different streams which we could have chosen as concentrated subjects but the problem is in our

recruiting system and lack of financial autonomy. There are lots of discussions raised on implementation

of government plans and programs and some are not even timely processed. So it is difficult to ask them

to give us more specialization courses because there is more demand for it and if all the occurrence of

formulated plans were from our part which is not. So our recruitment system and financial dependency

restrict on providing adequate amount of specialization courses.


Q) Do you conduct meeting and constructive discussions for the purpose of bringing new academic


As compared to the past, this time we have brought those discussions on the table with Dean and group

of Stakeholders. We are in discussion with various job providers to know the feasibility and

requirements for producing skilled human resource into job markets.


Q) Each year many students go abroad for higher studies in Information Technology, Management,

and Engineering. How can we reduce it from the part of Tribhuvan University?

Considering the situation of Country, the University should have added more Colleges for engineering

courses, Medicine studies. But ongoing conflicts and political subjugations prevent opening more

Colleges in Engineering, Medicine as a result student choose to go and study in Bangladesh with dim

future. Government should attempt to launch more Colleges in Engineering and medicine to prevent

students here who seek their education abroad due to limited premises. The government policy must be

clear and not be a bottleneck. We must make education more extensive for learning in our own Country

and invest more in technical learning programs.


Q) Has Tribhuvan University monitored the productivity of their students with job market, is it

important or not?

It is absolutely necessary but we have not been able to conduct it, if we take sampling of certain subjects

and see the students who have passed from Tribhuvan University, most of them have secured a position

in different jobs. Our products from Geo-Engineering, bio-technology are all recruited; Management

sector job saleability is high. We can make assessment from surveys and research in the coming days. It

is important.

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