Prabhat Yadav

PRABHAT YADAV, the man who made it to the “30 under 30” list of Forbes Magazine in the “Media, Marketing & Advertising” category, is a popular YouTuber who introduced the Nepalese audiences to the newest gadgets that were not easily accessible in Nepali market.  He launched a YouTube Channel called ‘Explore Gadget’ when he was still a student, back in 2012. Mr. Yadav is the first Nepali YouTuber to achieve a Silver Play Button Award and has now over 400,000 subscribers.

What was your first reaction after you heard about your Forbes enlist?

It was unbelievable. I was confirming whether it was real or spam (laughs) but finally it was a much-needed exposure.

You have achieved a milestone at such a young age, how do you feel?

I won’t really call it a milestone because this is not the end. Obviously, it feels good and nice. It was a much-needed exposure because people think YouTube is easy and that too in Nepal which is not. Really thankful to my co-founders and family.

How has your life changed after being listed in Forbes? Has it inspired to achieve more?

Honestly, I’ve been working in this field for 5 years. Our work has been appreciated globally and hence we have global brands working with us. But, we are lesser known in Nepal and now people recognize me and say that they are proud to know I am a Nepali, appreciate my work, which fills me up with a lot of energy to do more. Yes, I want to place Nepal in the Global map when it comes to tech.  I have a lot of plans in my mind, let’s see what happens.

What is your dream?

I dream of becoming so many things but right now my prime focus is to bridge the gap between the Nepal and Global market with regards to tech products and events.  

What triggered you to be a YouTuber?

In my college days, I and my friend sohil (co-founder) used to discuss about iOS and Android. Back in those days, we used to watch tutorials on YouTube to solve our phone problems and we just thought that we could startup our own YouTube channel about tech.

What inspired you to get into the field of gadgets?

I was passionate about gadgets and tech since my childhood. So my passion brought me here.

Tell us something about your education.

I did my A Levels from Little Angels College and BBA from Islington

Who is your inspiration or role model?

Elon Musk and Shah Rukh Khan.

Any word of advice to young entrepreneurs.

Just keep on grinding and consistency is the only way out.

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