Changing Dream into reality

‘James Allen’ once said, Dreamers are the saviors of the world. Indeed, World stance silent without dreamers.  Innovation, progress and revolution is awful without dreamers. No one would able push the limits of human potential without dreamers. Impossible remains always impossible without dreamers.

300 years ago, if somebody would have told you that 40-ton metallic body could fly from one chunk of the earth into another and land securely, you will call him a senseless and biggest impossibility but Santos-Dumont and Wright Brothers never did so and now we have that flying metallic today as an airplane.  

What would you say if I stated you that I could grasp tiny object in my hand and have a conversation with my relatives, that’s 10000 miles away, you call me stupid and most likely have me admitted. Fine that’s precisely what emerged to Alexander Graham Bell, the discoverer of telephone. But see, we can talk and laugh together holding that small object in two different corner of this earth just because Alexander Graham Bell dreamed it.

There is something deeply beautiful about having a serious dream list in life because it really reveals the inner truth about what you want to achieve in your life. It leads you to think big and big thinking leads you to invent something amazing. If we see through the lens of our eyes, dreamers are the transformers of this world. They did hard work, multiplied their hopes, fostered their creativity and made this earth a global village to live in.

Yeah, our lives are better today because of dreamers out there. But dream don’t work unless we do. Strong foundation of hard work is essential if you want to aspire to make it big. You need be loyal with your dream and strong with your commitment.

Sometimes the route of your dream is not constantly relaxed to steer, sometimes scattered with mountain to climb, hurdles to stunned- and tough, boring moment that will make you feel like deserting.  You need to remember this, if you lost along the way: Anything you worth most never come easy. Don’t give up the fight, don’t lose your hope utterly. Move on.

Many people do not believe that dreaming is spotting and embracing the impossible by making it possible. There may have deep pits in your way but never fall on that, if you fall just stand up and move ahead.  Always be certain of in your dream and ability to accomplish them. Keep your dreams in front of you. Never forget if you can dream it, you can do it.

Dreams do come true if you consistently work on it without expecting for the fruit. Your hard work will definitely pay off one day, and these five personalities are the perfect example. Prabhat Yadav, Ravi Kumar, Surya Karki, Ashish Acharya and Sabin Bhandari are the five Nepali who made it to the 2017 edition of Forbes Asia “30 under 30”.

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