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Qualification and job experience at present go hand-in-hand. Compromise with either one of them and you would certainly fall behind. You have to have that balance between your studies and work if you want to excel in your life.

In today’s scenario, if you are of view that you will only start working after you graduate; you will be in loss. As the job you would qualify for once you graduate would also demand a 2-3 year experience. Ultimately either you would be jobless or be compelled to work in a post where you are overqualified, in terms of education.

This is why, it has become a necessity that these two aspects of a student life go simultaneously. Where your studies build your knowledge to understand the technicalities of your job or profession and enables you do your job correctly, working exposes you to the practicalities of your job where you can apply your theoretical knowledge.

Working may include (un)paid internship, volunteering, fellowship in various fields and levels.

You can choose your field of work and build a base for yourself. You can either work out of necessity or for your own satisfaction.

Regardless of the approach, it is sure to widen your experience and knowledge and increases your confidence level.

Notably, the important aspect about work and study is the balance we create. We might manage at times but, it is a difficult task and to continue that, is even more difficult. Nevertheless, if you do manage, you will be able to achieve your determined goal easier and faster.

As you struggle to balance your work and study, you will gain a new perspective and learn the importance of time management. Organizing and planning your time ahead for the day would stress you less and automatically balance the things in such a manner that your study, work and social life are not disturbed. Avoid the habit of procrastinating at all times because it might create a bigger mess later.

Financial crisis, earning, experience, travelling, exploring; whatever the reason you may have to take a job while studying, it will definitely be beneficial for an individual in the long run. A short time of struggle might result in a lot of opportunities in the future. Companies or organizations now look for such efficient candidates. And last but not the least, you can always create a job for yourself and others too.

The team of Colleges Nepal interviewed some of the working students who are juggling their studies and work and still managed to create their place in the country.

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