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RAVI KUMAR, the co-founder of Code for Nepal is currently serving at the World Bank, Washington as a digital strategist. Ravi Kumar, along with his wife Mia Mitchell, launched nepalmap.org to increase digital literacy. Both of them have been actively indulged in the social welfare of the country. They have already helped the remote villages of Nepal rebuild more than 25 schools. Mia Mitchell is currently working at the White House Office of Management and Budget as foreign assistance. Ravi Kumar is one of the five Nepalis whose name is listed in Forbes. He made it to the “social entrepreneurs” category this year.

What is the importance of digital literacy?

In the 21st century, Digital literacy is essential for Nepalese to make progress. We need to be digitally literate so we can create more opportunities for ourselves.

How difficult was it to make people understand about it?

Many young people showed a lot of interest in learning digital skills. Youth are interested in learning new skills to improve their lives.

Tell us about your work routine.

I have a list of item I want to accomplish every day. I cook for my wife, go to gym or read books in my free time.

You helped rebuild over 25 schools in remote villages; what motivated you?

I believe if every child in Nepal receive quality education, then our society can progress. I wanted to play a small role in helping children get better education.

You have been to several remote areas, what is the situation of education there?

In remote areas, we need good teachers, books, adequate infrastructure so that students can learn. Things have improved in the past few years. More needs to be done.

How has your life changed after being listed in Forbes? Has it inspired to achieve more?

I'm honored and humbled by the Forbes recognition. I and Code for Nepal team are inspired to work hard and do our best.

What was your reaction when you found out that you were listed on Forbes?

I was surprised and at the same time happy. Your work is recognized globally. I feel honored.

Who is your inspiration or role model?

My mother.

Any message you want to convey?

As a society, we must give women opportunities to be digitally literate, and empower them to reach their full potential. Nepal will progress a lot if women are treated equally as men. At www.codefornepal.org we have scholarship for young women to learn coding.

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