Talent and hard work create golden paths.


With billions of people in the world, we human beings have countless aim, and since we are different from other individuals, we can experience the difference in lifestyle. Some people have an early privilege in life, some are natural born talents while others have to do hard work for achieving a good life. The son of the richest man in the world doesn’t need to work as much as hard as a son of a common man yearning to make a life. A talented genius with high IQ doesn’t need to study as much as a normal person. Yet we all have our own dream and definition for life. In order to succeed in life we need to have a good determination, talent gives an individual the head start required for a golden path but hard work is the most determinant factor required to complete the goal. Without resolve to do anything in life, a good talent goes to waste. But it is the resolution and hard work done towards reaching one’s goal that takes the individual to success. No matter what aim there may be in life, without doing something to achieve our dream, the targeted aim goes to waste. While talent gives a person opportunity for creating a good life, talent alone is not sufficient as much as hard work for a golden life.


Some tips for creating golden path.

  • It is easy to sleep till late morning, but it is hard to wake up early every morning and go for a jogging. A person must make resolution and take a step towards it. If you cannot wake up early today do not feel upset, it’s better to go jogging as soon as you wake up even if it’s 9 A.M. in your clock so that you will be determined to move it up a notch tomorrow.
  • Our present is the result of our past; our future is the result of our present. Keep in mind that what we do now will affect our future. So make an aim and work towards it. Whenever you feel lazy to take a step, think of future and what you will accomplish if you take the step necessary. Think of the bigger picture.
  • Some habits are addictive; it is good to be addicted towards books rather than being addicted towards alcohol and cigarettes. Create a good habit, whenever you are idle instead of spending time watching excessive movies, spend time on learning new things or try to explore your creativity by reading books, writing poems or articles. You can even spend you free time for drawing, or learning musical instruments. Do things which will benefit you in the future.
  • Play some sports. As we know health is wealth, so spend some time for improving your physical condition. One of the great ways for improving health is by playing sports whether indoor or outdoor. A sport has many benefits which are scientifically proven. Playing sports will also improve your mood as well as help you with getting a better sleep.

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    For a mankind education and jobs are the basic essential components to live a fulfilling life. The thing that counts is both these things start from childhood and impacts on his adult life. The quality of education, the quality of training and academic institutes, the delivery of teachers and lectures, course of study, real life situations, experience, training, on the job performance, motivation and willingness to show interest in learning and breaking the barriers through self-employment, job opportunities and placements, career advice and counselling, pay scale and incentives with perks are the basic things an individual need in his youth.


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