For a mankind education and jobs are the basic essential components to live a fulfilling life. The thing that counts is both these things start from childhood and impacts on his adult life. The quality of education, the quality of training and academic institutes, the delivery of teachers and lectures, course of study, real life situations, experience, training, on the job performance, motivation and willingness to show interest in learning and breaking the barriers through self-employment, job opportunities and placements, career advice and counselling, pay scale and incentives with perks are the basic things an individual need in his youth. If you look at jobs today they are more technical and challenging, tough competition among the peers, time consuming and some way pushing the limits of the fresh graduates. Many organizations have this pre conceived notion that if delegation has to be made then the work must be delegated to new graduates who have fresh knowledge and solutions under their sleeve. There is no denial about this but what about the experience. Has the person learned the skills required to carry out the job, is he potent to bear responsibilities of the company on his shoulders and be able to work under pressure. Organizations today have lacked on careful research of assessing the skills and making right placements. This means that there is mismatch between the work and the education system.

Market is filled with education providers who are offering or modifying their teaching on subjects that are marketed to be saleable like hot cakes. Aspiring youngsters dig into the dreams of educational institutes with a belief that they will reach a milestone in their life and be competent with their academic degrees and hope that they will excel in their jobs. When they pass out they are not willing to settle less because they demand high paying jobs, managerial positions in leading companies and are all set to impress their subordinates and supervisors. But when the job demand competency based on experience, they feel that all they have worked was not enough to deal with real life problems. We are taking about business, clients, money, agreement and negotiations and all this cannot come to the table with a click of a button. First we need to identify the working principles and the job position accompanied by job specification. Then there should be a skill test from which candidates will fit in the workplace. For starters, negotiating and customer interaction may not be very pleasing when there are many of them demanding our time and attention on their pressing concerns. The new graduates must carefully assess the context of their working environment.

They must ask for help whenever they feel stuck. It is not about working for racing to fill the placement for a high level job without feeling any attachment in the current position. Employers are also taking candidates based on academic knowledge when their experience is a big question mark. Some can be effective while others may be having a hard time keeping both the ends together. Employers should also work together to provide skills training, bringing out initiatives for fulfilling void in their skills with coaching and boosting the performance by sharing their own experience , not only by making appraisals. Each one of us have a skill that must be sharpened and how should be are on the hands of experienced and knowledgeable people. Together, from both ways the gap between education and employment must be bridged to walk the line.

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