The Need for new Degrees in NEPAL

The education system of Nepal has leaped a huge step towards providing quality education with

international courses because of the demand driven market. One of the reasons is high chances of

job placements after course completion which attracts students to enroll into these Colleges and

Universities. The advanced education system seeks timely completion of course, student’s

assessment and evaluation, credit transfer facilities and skill development trainings besides their

academic courses that empower students and prepare them to compete in the international



Innovation in the pedagogy caused by structural change to make Nepali education system more

competitive and compatible and create avenues for prospective students to choose their desired

field of career have caused these shifts because ultimately the output of this education system

would be production of skilled human resource for the job market. International courses have

good credibility in the international markets. If this has been made available to us by a reputed

College and academic institutes then we have the role of getting into the process to explore deep

into our academic paraphernalia. Invest and get higher returns in the form of knowledge and

skills. Being graduates and post graduates we have already honed what we need to know but also

by checking on reality and feasibility of our applied knowledge with market demands we can

create tremendous opportunities to emerge as a leader of our chosen field by utilizing what we

have with us. Most of the people now are independent they are self-employed because they can

make use of their knowledge to create jobs and be the pioneer of their chosen field. International

degrees have opened door to international training institutes. The Colleges and Universities

providing international courses instills their guidelines to the freshers and give them orientation

about their courses along with Universities code of conduct and criteria so that every student

have the basics of what should be done and how to ace their exams by the end of their academic

programs. Only after orientation and after students are acclimatized to their College environment

and disciplines they will carry forward with their academic sessions. It is observed that students

go through changes in their perception and after they become use to with change then they can

cross the stepping stone of their academia with excellent results through their hard work.


Our country ranks in 11 th position in countries of origin for international students in U.S.A.The

open door policy has made this possible for us. Foreign education has both advantages and

disadvantages. The advantage is you get to choose the course of your choice, it is excellent if you

are specializing in a certain subject you have the backing from your Professors, fellow students

and resource centers, education council, but having said all this most of them can prolong their

studies because they need to work and study. Their education system is structured in this way

which allows flexibilities but all Nepalese don’t fit in the same shoes. Our education system and

theirs have a mark of difference and their advantage is they are developed nations and we are the

progressing Country. Here, if same course was provided by the same University to Colleges and

Universities here in Nepal first we don’t need to go very far from home and if you convert your

total cost there and here, still we are cheaper and there is no baggage of a separate living cost

labeled. Ministry of Education has allowed our education system to be more flexible and up to

the mark. Kathmandu University as a private institute is an excellent example because it has

distinguished itself to be the first private University whose academia is so advanced and up to the

requirements of modern socio-economic environment. Other Universities have also emerged

strongly not because they have international degrees to give us at a high cost but due to

globalization and assimilation for producing competent and skilled human resource in public

private sector and making fit for international job markets with their education and knowledge.

We can see the reformity even in pre-school and school education so that students are heads up

with what opportunities they can have and follow, while doing higher education. The disparities

are fading and students are savvy to bridge their education by getting pre hand concept during

their school education. Today colleges offer academic courses like International relations in the

mainstream to understand international perspective with a more global vision. This program not

only talks of political system at fore but also contact with several other themes and research

fields. This is a versatile discipline and compliments with other subjects of interest such as

Political science, Economics, Law, Business, Language studies, Tourism, Anthropology. Being

highly interdisciplinary you might be surprised to know that it also shares connectivity with

Architecture, Literature, statistics, medicine, marketing, Philosophy History,

communications. Bachelor of Mountaineering, Masters in innovation and management in

Tourism, Masters in International relations and diplomacy are some of the examples of this

stream that are facilitated for students in Nepal. All this because we are part of the global village

and each one have shared culture of knowledge, arts, language, inside this village.


For effective implementation and operations of International degrees in Nepal a strict monitoring

is required and “Directive for foreign educational institute running higher level education has

laid down the rules. Foreign educational institutes operating in Nepal must be accredited by law

of the country of origin according to Nepali Law. Ministry of Education (MoE) has the right to

scrutinize the quality of international degrees offered in Nepal. The need for course revision and

improvising teaching pedagogy should be the mandate of these academic institutions so that

every person can benefit from learning these courses.

The change is here and we are part of it. The wind and tide is in our favor for sailing, so let’s not

waste time and get aboard!

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