5 Amazing Innovations in Health Technology

More than 80 percent Nepalese still live in rural communities where access to healthcare services is limited. This limitation is caused from inadequate infrastructures, trained medical professionals and supply of basic lifesaving medicines. In recent years, the existing health posts and hospitals across the country have not been able to meet increasing demands of curative care services. Next-Generation Sequencing, 3D-Printed Devices, Immunotherapy, Artificial Intelligence, Point-of- Care, Virtual Reality, Biosensors and Trackers, Convenient Care, Telehealth and Social Media are some of the innovative ways to reach out large number of beneficiaries minimize related cost and maximize efficiency. Nepal should focus on works related to prevention, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment parts of the healthcare ecosystem.
Some of the advanced products through technology and health care innovation are mentioned below:


 After someone has a stroke the doctor aims to make the patient walk again, hand dexterity is imperative but takes backseat. Rapael smart glove helps to prioritize it by making the process into a game. This sensor glove uses android app will track the movement of the user who practices real life task like squeezing a fruit. The system displays instant range of motion feedbacks which helps to boost learning.


 Deaftronics at Botswana has manufactured the first solar power hearing aid unit, Solar Ear. Each unit includes a solar battery charger and four rechargeable batteries. This invention reduces the amount of visits of patient to care centers in Africa, Brazil, China, India and Singapore also assisting for saving their time and money.


 Being able to surgically remove the head in an orderly fashion should allow surgeons to then reattach all the nerves and blood vessels to the new body, once that pesky donor head is removed. Special bio-compatible glue will hold the spinal cord together so it can fuse with the donor body. The patient will then be put in a drug-induced coma for four weeks while the connection between the head and body heals. It’s the reattachment process that’s the most unlikely part of all this. Sergio Canavero, an Italian neurosurgeon says all the technology he needs is available, and estimates the procedure will take about 36 hours and require the services of 150 medical professionals. He expects a 90% chance of success, as in a 90% chance the patient is up and walking around a few months after the surgery. Valery Spiridonov, a man who has a degenerative muscle condition known as Werdnig-Hoffman volunteered to be the first person to undergo a human head transplant.


 For managing seizures from epilepsy require information on how and when they occur. Most of the seizures happen at night. SPEAC is the first non- EEG seizure monitor which is put on person’s bicep and detects change in muscle activation, which is analyzed by algorithm for indication of an episode.


 Heart disease reigns high in the list of cause of death than cancer. Around 1 in 4 people who are hospitalized for heart failure don’t last much longer than a year. A new drug called Serelaxin has upped the odds of survival by as much as 37 percent, according to study of University of California, San Francisco. It’s a synthetic version of the hormone relaxin, which is produced by pregnant women to help with the increased stress carrying a fetus places on the heart. It is still under feasible study to give the desired outcome.

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