What is in Our Mind? How Are We Using This Resource Center?


Our body and mind are different entities altogether. When we perish our mind leaves our body and goes to the next life. It is neither any part of the body nor the brain then what is it? It is formless continuum that perceives to understand objects.

For students it is very important that they stay positive and focused. Every day we spend 6-7 hours of time inside the classrooms among peers and listening to the lectures from Professors and storing thoughts and memories as instructed to us. Our mind is tracing to what was taught and what we learned in a 1 and half hour period so that when we are doing the homework we go back to recall what was told earlier and write down our task with the things that are also mentioned in the text book. Our mind is functioning to memorize the information, unleash the creativity, write better and understand the concepts of our course. So many things go in our mind as a student. Some of us have limited attention span which is seen extremely important for it means that the activated area will be single coherent area. It is proven that our subconscious mind works millions of time faster than our conscious mind. The subconscious areas are about maintaining security, sexual fulfillment, honoring tradition. The slower engine or the conscious mind is about helpfulness, choosing your own path, finding meaning and rationale of life. We often are told by teachers we are not paying attention. The student’s attention wanders in class.

The well-established findings proved students are more attentive and engaged when they are doing something other than listening to the teacher’s lecture. So changes of place, activities refreshes their mind and make it easier to more closely attend when the lecture resumes. Mind mapping can reduce the effects of cognitive dissonance. Teachers should try to improve student attentiveness using various instructional approaches because what is taught must be learned and absorbed otherwise there is no meaning. Mind mapping is easy and intuitive. Brainstorming a topic or an idea, single keywords, short phrases, pictures, symbols used as memory triggers help you coordinate the flow of running ideas and thoughts of our mind. Student can use mind mapping to set achievable targets for themselves which is far more useful than idle chats, hangouts, bullying, complaining which are signs of bad learning. Our mind never stops thinking, even if it means dealing with intrusive thoughts from time to time. Channeling our mind to achieve the desired goal is what matters the most. We students need to stay focused and motivated to do well in academics and pave a golden path. Right thinking and right doze of attitude is the by-product of creative and ingenious minds. We must upload our mind to insightful experiences rather than clustering it with troubled memory. Good exercise, healthy lifestyle and habits can condition our mind to perform even better.

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