Youth Role In Nation Building


As we completed one year of our magazine, we cannot emphasize how much youths today have been involved in development work for nation building. They are the backbone of society, pillars for the elder citizens and significator for a national framework of our Country. Our nation’s growth depends upon the physical, economic, social and mental well-being of the youths. They are the present and they pave the path for the future. They accelerate the desire for change to benefit our Country. Youths are working in many areas like education, health, peacebuilding, conservationist of environment. They work in many kinds of roles like mediator, advisor, leader, advocate, counselor, facilitator, peer. If youths are not given the decree of concern on developmental activities then the Country can landslide into multiple problems. Programs that are launched to establish the rights of youth and their living are the foundations of youth empowerment. We can see youth’s involvement in crucial sectors like arts, culture, sports, and entertainment. The enthusiasm they show for bringing the name and fame to the Country by representing at international platforms have helped to establish a link between both the nations. In the field of knowledge, youth have major participation in Information technology field which is the crux of any industries survival in a modern world. Often we hear news about crimes and drug abuses where youths are targeted to have violated the rules and taken law into their hands. The general impression is that youths are not socially responsible citizens. But for this, the youths cannot be specifically blamed. It is the duty of government to provide them the amenities that can be constructively used and disabling addiction and deformity in youths.Youths today must be channeled to employment and self-employment. Not only it is useful for solving unemployment and poverty but also giving their voice, their opinion a high priority so that they can stand against any kind of adverse situation faced by the Country and make amends for construction and empowerment and prescribe the right solution to instigate government to choose the right approach in their policy and framework. A large part has to deal with privatization so that private sector work hand in hand with public sector and youth will give them the helping hand to do what needs to be done to take the nation forward. Youths are dynamic and they infuse teamwork that helps to carry out their duties with the support of one another to achieve the desired objectives. Taking the youth together and making them engaged in activities that bring policy for sustained development and correcting the malfunctions is highly desirable with the involvement of youths. They are the present, they have the mindset to think and work constructively whether in business organizations or hospitals or in any social sector. They are the human resource that propels the country to development so they must not be pushed aside but should be taken together for optimum output and productivity. Let us not forget that our Country is economically sustained by remittance which is the product of youths who go to employment in the foreign land. They are not surviving for them alone but for the welfare of our nation.

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    For fresh graduates there are numerous options for working. They donít have to be a part of structured pyramid shaped jobs instead they can work up for startups also with some fresh perspectives.


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    Youth In Nation Building

    Youth play all kind of roles in nation building. Youth are unbiased, creative, innovative, ambitious and bold. Without active participation of youth, no nation can survive. For their activation, we need to give collective education, experience, and attachment with highly qualified leaders. We must consider these aspects and we must all be functional.


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