Can robot overtake human life?


“'I’m a real, live electronic girl. I would like to go out into the world and live with people'-Sophia

Human beings have vast potential for creating unimaginable things by using their knowledge and skills. One of the invention made by humans were robots. By applying soft robotics for doing work of humans which we are unable to do due to limitations have brought a questionable topic can robot overtake human life?If you look at history then robots have done dangerous and repetitive task that human’s don’t prefer to do on their own. The people have made robots superior in performing task that they want to see robots perform for the society by helping out the elderly, taking orders and complain for giving service, manufacturing and assembly line workers and to be their personal companion. This has been thought so much that they will run in operations of business and for these reasons they will have a citizenship, and be a citizen legally authorized by government of a nation. Most of the humans are not able to get for themselves. The inventor wants robots to lead because of their artificial intelligence that are superior. They have come up with more advanced form called Humanoid robots like Sophia to interact with humans and play the role of humans. Critics have their own fears about the robots because they are certain that world of robots will dominate and swiftly obliterate us.Compared to the organic beings like us, robots won’t get restless or bored, experience mood swings, prone to swayed and bias opinions i.e always correct, no mental anguish or physical pain, don’t have to eat like humans and deficate . We convert food and oxygen into energy; we are organic and living entites. These humanoids, don’t have to breathe they don’t have to be concerned about preserving the environment. Robots can trust each other but human beings can’t because we are not ethically worthy we lie, cheat, steal and backstab. Robots would co-operate with each other instead of bickering like us. They are free from diseases and contamination but we aren’t. Earlier used in manufacturing, now robots have been used to a large extent for industrial applications. They have become the service robots and heads of the Companybecause of their intelligence to tackle a problem in a technical and emphatic way. They speak what humans want to listen and always correct themselves.

The pseudo-social interaction of human and robots still are at glitch afterall they are machines and tools. If a robot asks you to do something then you would carry out his instruction for.e.g if he wants you to take a medicine you will need to comply with him rather than switching him off. Humans will need to appreciate what it takes to be a truly intelligent robot but we condem when they dictate us. The organic two way bonds of affection may not be possible like a surrogate human to human shared relationship. The thinking of robots is aesthetically designed to resemble the humans. Robots have performed complex manipulation task for e.g. a robot can grip any object and move it through space without bumping into things or harming the environment and the object. Picking and placing things will rely on cognition and manipulation ability. David Hanson invented a humanoid robot to harness technology to improve the public service. Sophia has a rather uncanny and expressive humanlike face with no legs and arms to move. Her physiological component is different from a normal human being. The reciprocity is unconventional realism because human to human contact is based on more dynamic context but her contact with human is emphatic which is said from anroid memory of programmed Artifical Intelligence that was thought to make it be used to enhance the lives of human by focusing on issues of human welfare like heal people with diseases, clean the environment, enhance the transparancy, giving good quality education, giving assess of information to make world a better place. But still, humans are far more superior and when it comes to the question, which came first chicken or the egg? Human must have the superiority to monitor the activites of a robot and program to make them do their task rather than the other way round where the robots collectively takeover the human world which may sound eerie and miscalculated. It can only be used to bridge the gap of man with his needs and ways to make them accessible for giving it back to mankind and nothing more.

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