Nepali music industry gaining lead in YouTube viewership

Music videos making millions of views on YouTube might not be hot news to many people. But, it was popular only among international videos. Well, Nepalese videos have also entered the million views club lately.

This trend in Nepal was first started by the song of superhit movie ‘Woda Number 6’ in 2015. The song ‘Surkhe Thaili’ has become the first Nepali song to cross 1 million views on YouTube. The song ‘Saili’ sung by Hemant Rana became the fastest Nepali song to achieve 1 million views on YouTube. The trend of making 1 million views was then followed by the songs like ‘Thamel Bazaar’ of Loot 2 with 1.5 million views and ‘Purba Paschim Rail’ of Chhakka Panja with 1.4 million views.

It’s remarkable that the movie of these songs did very well in the box office. Well, it is clear that the increase in viewership on YouTube also helps the movie to grab the attention of the audience. This trend has definitely helped Nepali movies do good business so the trend of gaining lead on YouTube viewership is increasing rapidly.

So, why are these songs gaining so much view compare to the times few years back? There was a time when Nepali movies were of low budget with low quality. People almost stopped watching Nepali movies but the scenario has changed. Just a song is capable of making a movie hit. The reason clearly is the quality of the video, the originality of the song, high quality cinematography, original dance moves and original music with the touch of Nepaliness.

The producers are spending quite a fortune on movie making and equal focus is given to the song making. The effort can be seen in the latest songs as well such as ‘Kasam Ho’ of movie ‘A Mero Hajur 2’ and ‘Kahaniyo Prem Geet ko’ of movie ‘PremGeet 2’. These songs have been making buzz in the
industry lately as they have successfully made their place in the category of maximum viewed video on YouTube in just few weeks of release.

The cinematography, visuals, wardrobe, and the song itself have been appreciated by the audience and this has helped these movies gain popularity before the release. One way or another, this trend has enhanced the scope, career opportunities and recognition of the movie field. In the growth of YouTube viewership, the prominent role is seen to be played by the media, online news portals and social sites.

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