Feel Royal At Sano Dur-Bar

Set in the traditional lane of Basantapur, Sano Dur-Bar is beautifully designed eatery that endeavors to leave the royal impact on its customers. Located just around 2/3 minutes walk from the Basantapur Durbar Square towards Jhocheen (Freak Street), the restaurant is an ideal place for those who love to spend time in private and peaceful ambience as it has a separate room-like seating which is perfectly complemented by traditional Newari artistic windows. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you are welcomed
by magnificent setting that reflects the Newari tradition. The alluring royal ambiance is the icing on the cake. Its attempt to justify its name ‘Sano Dur-Bar’ is reflected on its classic and whimsical décor. A fine blend of a traditional architecture and modern comfort, the place is both rich and cozy.

Replete with food and life most of the time, just a year and a half old eatery has already found its niche in the competitive market. “Walking the extra miles to meet the expectations of the customers, the restaurant does not just satisfy hunger but also fill the heart with pleasure. Sano Dur- Bar is probably the most charming eatery imaginable,” says Maanas Sewacharya, the co-owner of Sano Dur-Bar.

He attributes most of his success to his staffs. Mr. Sewacharya believes if one has a perfect team nothing can stop him
from achieving the desired goal. With the proliferation of high-end restaurants and cafes in the Basantapur area, the risk of the employee leaving you always exists. So keeping them financially and emotionally satisfied is must.

Walking down the memory lane, he further added, “Initially it was not easy for me. Since I was a newbie, not many people believed in me. I too had doubts about myself. Sometimes I was praised and sometimes criticized. I have had a fair share of struggle. But in the middle of everything, one thing was always been constant; my will to put sweat and blood into my restaurant.”

The eatery should not only be praised for their distinct approach to food, but also for their commitment to making the moment of its customer precious, memorable and enjoyable.
Though the restaurant serves a variety of meals, the place is specifically popular for Japanese cuisine. Some of the scrumptious meals offered at Sano Dur-Bar include Aaan Kaki Misi, Tendon Chicken, Chicken Teriyaki and Okonomiyaki.

“Though we aspire to serve the most exotic foods and are incorporating new meals in our menu, time and again, we usually don’t redesign the menu because we believe we should continue doing what we are best at.”

Veering onto the subject of the condition of the post-earthquake of Basantapur, he says, “Business is somewhat affected by the destruction caused by 2015 earthquake.
It’s quite saddening that the monuments are not reconstructed yet. The place that used to be brimming with the crowd is now empty. It seems like Basantapur is losing its charm. It’s not a good sign.”

Sano Dur-Bar offers delectable foods at a very affordable price. It can be an ideal place to hangout for every age group.

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