Robot solving Rubik Cube Made by Nepalese Student

A unique innovation by a young boy of Nepal in the middle of competition among engineering students. It was quite amazing to see how the Nepalese boy was able to solve the Rubik with his hands in very few seconds. Everyone was wondered by his ability he had in solving the rubik cube. It was simply unbelievable what the visitor were seeing. To be more suprised, he had more innovative product to show everyone who had come to visit Pulchowk Engineering Campus Locus Event 2017.

But that is not the final thing what we are going to say. He had made a robot that was able to solve Rubik Cube. How can a robot solve a quiz? It was an interesting thing for everyone who were watching his creation with amusement. He first explained how he was able to get into this sort of logical mode. He started telling his past experiences and how his interest started growing up to the level he developed robot solving rubik cube. Finally he put everyone into speechless mode when the robot acutally began solving the cube. Finally in a very few minutes the cube was solved. Everyone cherished the intelligence of the young lad. Hardwork, dedication and intelligence when comes at one place can make what seems impossible as possible.

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