Breaking the Bar in Nepali film Making: Santosh Sen

As the producer of new generation, Santosh Sen, is known for his huge investment in Nepali movies like ‘Chankhe Shankhe Pankhe’ and ‘Prem Geet’. He is back with ‘Prem Geet 2’, a sequel to 2015’s blockbuster movie. Below is an excerpt of a conversation Sen had with a team of Colleges Nepal.

What inspired you to join movie industry?
I spent most of my early age working abroad and used to visit Nepal only for a short period of time. I used to collect dozens of Nepali movies and take them abroad with me. Though I enjoyed watching Nepali movies, I was never satisfied by the quality and growth of Nepali movie making. So, I wanted to change that and came here.

Where lots of producers are leaving the industry, what made you enter this industry?
Even at times of weak and changing political condition, Nepali movie industry continued making movies. We have compassionate producers where one who came just for their own benefit have left. If we prioritize the improvement of our industry ultimately, we will be benefitted one day. So, I am here for our benefit not mine.

How are your movies different from the others?
There are many movie makers doing a great job but, in my case, I don’t compromise on production and quality. I want everything best; from script writing to publicity. After all, the movie should be able to pull audience to the theater.

Where lots of producers try investing less money in the movies, you on the other hand, have invested a lot. Aren’t you scared of failure?
If I was scared I would have left after my first venture. I am a fighter, and I believe better investment results in better movies. Movies like Titanic and Avatar wouldn’t have been successful without huge investment.

How is Prem Geet 2 different from Prem Geet?
Prem Geet 2 is the sequel of Prem Geet; else the name of the movie would have been different. Prem Geet contained one territory and a single conflict but Prem Geet 2 has been shot in two different countries and projects various conflicts giving it a new angle.

What kind of movies do you want to make in future?
I don’t want stereotype my work. I would be more than happy to do all kinds of movies that appeal the audience.

Do you have any message to aspiring producers?
To be a producer is like being a warrior who fights for his territory. If we work as a team to promote Nepali movies, then we would be no less than Bollywood and Hollywood.

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