Movie to watch: Prem Geet 2

The flick "Prem Geet 2" is a sequel of super hit flick ‘Prem Geet’. It repeats the actor Pradeep Khadka in the lead role and features Santosh Sen, the producer of the movie as one of the actors. New actress, Aslesha Thakuri will be seen romancing Pradeep. The movie stars Rajaram Poudel, Kailash Katwal, Shraddha Prasai and Bhuwan Chandra. The flick is shot at various locations across Thailand and Myanmar. The flick’s trailer has received positive reviews and songs are doing really fine.

It’s the first time that any movie is made on such a large scale, say the makers. It’s a high budget movie that depicts the story from Murma to Burma. Actor Pradeep Khadka is seen in a very different avatar. The makers have claimed that they have tried to make a movie of the international standard without compromising in any aspect. From cinematography to choreography to music everything is of world class. It is one of the most awaited movies of 2017.

Producer: Santosh Sen

Production: Aasusen Films Production

Lead role: Pradeep Khadka Aaslesha Thakuri

Releasing Date:
Shrawan 13, 2074
28th July 2017

Jibesh Gurung

Film Journalist

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