Beauty with Brain: Keki Adhikari

Keki Adhikari is a popular actress from Nepali film industry. She has been often recognized as the most intelligent actress in Nepali film industry. She holds a MBA degree from Apex College. 

Keki Adhikari has played many Nepali movies as a leading actress. She has also made good number of appearances in music videos, TV advertisement and commercials. She initially started working as a model in music videos, before appearing as a professional actor in big screens.

Colleges Nepal team approached her to get more information about her college life and education. Moreover, we were interested to know about how the actress managed her professional life accompanied with her education. We also wanted our viewers especially the college students to get an insight of how a celebrity can manage her professional career along with studies.

The full details of her interview scripted in English can be read below

You must be very busy.
No, right now, I am not much busy, just occupied with workshop of my upcoming flick.

How was your childhood?
My family owns a school where my dad was a principal and my mom was a hostel in-charge. Thus, I grew up in the environment where education is first and foremost.

How mischievous were you in your childhood?
I was really innocent as a child, my mom says so. Our relatives used to give my example to their children.

You were very bright academically; to be precise you scored 86% in SLC. What do you think is the reason?
I think it’s all about what you are more passionate about, what is your priority. If education is your priority then it won’t be difficult to get good grades. Every individual has their own capabilities. I think, my wit and good memory helped me do well academically.

How did you feel after securing 86% in SLC?
I was quite excited. Though I used to secure first position at school, I did not get the credit I deserved. Other used to think I secured good marks because my dad was principal and I might have got the questions before exams. So for me SLC was an opportunity where I could prove myself. It was a moment when I could make my parents proud. That was undoubtedly one of the happiest moments of my life.

How difficult it was to be principal’s daughter?
No, I was not the one who was having difficult time, it was the other way around. My contemporaries could not talk against the school as I used to stand for the school. I’m a kind of person who needs logic behind everything. But they used to think I always talked on the behalf of the school being a principal’s daughter.

How did you enter the dance completion when your dad was against it?
At that time, my MBBS preparation class was going on. It was a morning class and I used to be free at noon. I came to know about the competition and wanted to take part in it. I wanted to know where I stand. Then I consult my mom and was surprised by her answer as I was not expecting that. She said “why not, you should”. Without any prior training, I secured third position. Shortly, I got offer for my first music video.

When did you discover your fascination for acting?
Acting was not something I ever planned. After my first music video/ads, I realized I could act. I was interested in dance since childhood and I was quite expressive as well so I tried my hands in acting and it turned out well for me.

How did your first music video happen to you?
I was not sure if I will ever enter acting field as I was studying MBBS. But my mom knew somewhere that I was interested. So when I talked about it at home, they were positive about it. They encouraged me to give it a shot.

You always wanted to be a doctor?
Yeah, that’s because after being an academically strong child, everyone around you from your parents to relatives to teachers to society want you to become doctor or engineer. I had the same mindset; I am good academically so if I do anything else I will get wasted. I had scored well in both science and math so I continued studying science. But now I think it was wrong to think that way. Some profession has been tagged as a reputed field which is totally wrong. Every profession has its own value. I am an actor and I am very happy about it. I think society, teachers and relatives need to inject their students with the thought that no work is less. You have to follow your dream, listen to your heart and do things you are passionate about.

Do you remember the first proposal you received?
I was in class 10, a guy from class 8 proposed me.

During your +2 days, you might have got lots of proposal. How did you handle it?
I was so into study, I did not pay much attention to anything else other than my course book. Since I was a science student, the subjects were really tough so I invested my entire energy in preparing myself. I had formed a cell where I used to consider myself genius. But no I was so wrong, cutting off completely from outside world made me duller. Though I was educated I was not less than ignorant.

Tell us about your first crush
I had my first crush during +2 days. I was a morning student and I had a crush with an afternoon student. We used to cross each other every day at the gate. May be I liked that phase.

What attracted you? Did he use to look at you as well?
He did not care about anything. He was into study as well. May be his carefree attitude attracted me. No, he never looked at me.

Are you still in touch with him?
Yes, he is a good friend.

Is he married?

So there is still chance?
No, we don’t. We are just good friends and we are happy that way.

What are the things you are looking for in your future husband?
I think creating criteria is selfish. But I like people who have at least basic knowledge about most of the things, be it politics or society or culture. He should have patience too.

How movie happened to you?
It’s very easy to get noticed in Nepali movie industry as it is a small market. After appearing in few music videos and ads, getting into eyes of directors was not a big deal. However, I was the one rejecting offers. I used to say things like I was not ready for the films, I wanted to study, I will not work in these sorts of flicks, I want to work on something new. During that time, I was approached by Prasanna Poudel sir for ‘Swor’. Since I had already worked with Prasanna sir, both comfort and trust level was high. The concept, presentation and technology used were new too. Most of the artists were new as well. If not for me, I had to work on this project for prasanna sir. The movie happened that way. I was not sure that I will be forwarding my career in this industry. But the reviews, feedback and offers I received after release of this movie helped me made my mind. Like it’s said ‘you will be there where you are destined to be’.

How did you convince your parent?
It was not difficult to convince my father. He is very understanding and humble person. But when I said I wanted to act, he was more or less shocked. And I think it’s quite obvious for him to react that way. But he convinced himself. Since he hails from the same field, he has the passion towards this field and knows its addiction. I promised him that I will not degrade my grad. I will excel in my study and if acting harmed my study I will quit and he was convinced.

You have said multiple time, you are a fulltime student and full time actress. How do you manage it?
It’s all about time and stress management. It’s not impossible but you have to set a priority. You have to make a plan. At time, I used to be in stress. I had to shoot for the whole night and next morning appear the exam. I did it because I was willing to do it.
You are considered as one of the most educated actress in the Nepali movie fraternity. How has your education helped in your career?
It make difference in a way you present yourself, you tackle with the questions you are presented with. It enables you to differentiate between right and wrong. You will be able to decide with whom to work. Your perception broadens and changes. You will have clarity of vision. You will be able to think positively.

Rapid fire:

Begnas taal or Fewa taal
Fewa Taal

Pani puri or Chatpate?

One suggestion to Priyanka Karki?
Keep smiling. I love her smile

Love Marriage or arrange marriage?
Love Arrange

Who is more handsome: Ayushman Deshraj Shrestha Joshi or Pradeep Khadka?
Karma (giggles)

With whom you want to work next: Ayushman Deshraj Shrestha Joshi or Pradeep Khadka or Karma?
I have already shared screen with Karma. So, anyone of the rest. Probably Pradeep because Ayushman is quite tall.

Rank them in order
Karma always on top. I am his biggest fan. Second would be Ayushmaan and then Pradeep

Momo or Chowmein?

IQ Test

What is the height of Mt. Everest?
8,848 m

Who is the current president of America?
Donald Trump

His wife Name?
Melanie Trump

President of Nepal?
Bidhya Bhandari

Prime Minister of Nepal?
Puspa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda)

Do you want to play any specific character?
I would like to depict the character that is mentally or physically challenged.

Do you want to say something to students who are watching you?
I have already said success is not everything. More than success, living life is important. Failure is unavoidable part of life. Lots of people fail. So you should be able to learn from your failure and stand strong. Appreciate people who love you. Appreciate happiness, appreciate smile. Follow your dream and work hard. I have seen students committing suicide for very small things. They get depressed and don’t want to fight. They quit easily. Quitting is not an option, we have to fight. 

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