Q) How do you recall the history of Hidden Treasure?

It was Miss Nepal pageant held in 1994, the Hidden treasure was established in 1995.The board of directors of Hidden treasure remains the same. The hidden treasure was established with a philosophy of giving weight to Miss Nepal beauty pageant. We wanted Miss Nepal contest to have a professional outlook. Let this pageant be “Beauty with a purpose”. Down the years we have also changed and developed in many ways.We learn from each new batch. The objective of hidden treasure is not for making Miss Nepal. We want all our contestants to be Miss Nepal.We have designed seven weeks of training for participants accordingly. We want each particpant to wear crown of their life. We want to empower them with right mind set. So that, they will represent their Country in a positive scenario.

Q) What were the motives behind coming to this field?

The philosophy of our institution is in giving not taking. Just like there are different ways to scale the summit we also follow the same way for creating an empowered citizen with the help of beauty pageant. Miss Nepal is the property of Country not Hidden treasure. We have made a brand so stakeholders including the government should use for the development of nation. We need support from every sector. This is my urge to government of Nepal and Nepal tourism board. No other goals besides this.

Q) What challenges you faced in this journey?

If there are no challenges working becomes difficult. In 23 years of experience to accumulate resource for pageant was a challenge. It was difficult to organize. People stood against beauty pageant. Ou pageant respects our society and culture. In this pageant we have activation in eight cities over 150 campuses and selected 25 particpants. People from Muslim community have also taken part. We have represented Nepal. Every sector and evry profession the participants have come to take part in Miss Nepal. With time it should be changed but not shut down. We did this according to those requirements.

Q) Will the protest against Miss Nepal cease completely after having Miss Nepal in four different categories?

We never tagged the protest made against us. We interacted with people who protested and found what they didn’t feel justified. We made ammends by discusiing the issues with them collectively. They had 40 demands we made ammends and gave them importance. Now with all this we have made to the present situation.

Q) How can Miss Nepal pageant reach a notch higher?

Our priority is every day is a process of learning. We are also learning down the years we need ownership of Miss Nepal brand due to limitations of Hidden treasure. We need to run in a boundary which we have done now we are looking for partners it would be good if government showed interest in it. We are no less than the world, we have best trainers, hygiene, doctors, women empowerment from tourism experts, we will aslo teach them on federalism. They are the nation’s property so we need to have a right mnindset and space for them.

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