Miss Nepal - Universe Manita Devkota


Q) What difference have you found before and after Miss Nepal pageant? How do you feel after being Miss Nepal?

Internally I feel like the same girl that was in training.Externally I feel wow my life has changed.Lot more responsibilites now. Lot of expectations from general public. I need to live up to that because that is why I came to Miss Nepal. I feel powerful and confident with hardwork I can achieve further in life.

Q) Tell us about your journey in Miss Nepal?

It started four years ago. I was approached for Miss Nepal but I was not prepared. I was still a student. I was abroad completing a degree so it was great achieving a dream that seemed far away. After graduation I started working my friends encouraged me to take a shot. With NRN given a chance to participate I took it up and here I am.

Q) What changes did you find in yourself during the grooming process for Miss Nepal pageant?

I learned a lot about presenting myself but also being updated with outside world.Learning etiquette, smile, I think Hidden treasure does very well covering all those topics. It is not about beauty but knowledge of Nepal.

Q) How were you feeling in the crowning moment?

I didn’t think I was going to win.  I wanted to have a good time really performa well. Enjoying myself that all the hard work paid off.

Q) What will be your contribution to society and our nation?

This stage there is lots of attention on us. I would like to spread very positive message, be kind and humble. Lead by example.

Q) How will you prepare for international pageant? How confident are you?

 I am confident but a lot of hardwork is needed to be done.

 Q) Your message for Nepalese brother and sister for New Year 2075 B.S.?

First of all happy New Year have a happy and prosperous New Year. Be the person that people will be proud of you.

Q) Your New Year resolution?

Do the best, work hard, stay focused and make Nepal proud.

Q) What are you planning for mother’s day?

 I will spend time with my sanima. She is like my mother to me. I will spend with her.

Q) My favourites are?

Tom Hanks, Malfred and sons, bluw, winter season, Dashain.

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