The Inspirer - Mr. Anil Keshary Shah

Q) Hello Anil Sir, what have you been doing these days?

I have changed jobs after eight years of establishing Mega Bank.As per BAFIA we can only stay two tenures for CEO. Each tenure is four years.My two tenures were up I took a hiatus from work for some time. I was associated for Nabil bank for six years beforemoving to Mega. Upon the request of Nabil bank I am back to a new job with zeal of new energy and new direction.

Q) What do you do in morning that helps you keep vibrant for rest of the day?

I get up around six a.m. in the morning, I am a religious person I do prayers in the morning. Do some meditation. I have breakfast and read the morning newspapers and go to the gym every day. I do some workout till 9:15.Then I come to work straight after that. So, prayers, mediattion and exercise gives be the energy to make me go through rest of the day.

Q) Do you set standards for happiness? What are the things that give you happiness?

Happiness is very important to me. The objective of life is in pursuit of happiness. That is what we are aiming for some find in money, social status, with family and friends, some in work but whatever it is we are moving towards happiness. For me happiness comes from different areas like playing with my daughter, working and achieving professional success to photography which is my passion. We cannot be satisfied with one particular thing; we need a slice of everything.

Q) Do you feel hurt or disheartened when you don’t get success in what you have anticipated?

I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t but I use that anxiety in me as a fuel to see what I I can do to get that success. Rather than anchor to haul I use at a hot air ballon to lift me up to get that success. I think success can come in second or the third not only at first attempt. It is not about falling but it is fact that I get up and learn where I fell and keep moving forward.

Q) What qualities of yours you think has helped you gain success in life?

The beacon that has guided me comes out of pursuit of happiness. My happiness lies in my friends and family then money, third is health, fourth is power and status and last is self actualization. Your relationship with yourself and the god. Each of us requires a right mix from each of these ingredients. On my every birthday I see how much of these ingredients are required to be happy. Then I focus my personal, professional and social life towards meeting these goals.Unless you know whre you are going  you will not know whether you have arrived or not likewise unless you know what makes you happy you will not be able to connect with what you are doing with your own happiness. Knowing my happiness formulae moves me in right direction.Whether world see me successful or not I would like to see myself as a happy person.

Q)  How do you see the role of youths in Nation building?

Youth is not the future but I see youth is the present. RPDM(decision model) I say.Don’t wait for tomorrow because tomorrow never comes. If you want to realize the dream of the future then you have to start on it from today.What saddens me is many youths don’t see their future in Nepal. If our youth see their future abroad in Australia, U.K. Amercia, Saudi and not in Nepal then truly Nepal will not have a future. Youth are critical in nation building for any nation. The largest populations are the youths they need to be stood out and be counted. They don’t need a space that must have elders to serve them to make it happen, it will never be so. If youth leaders are 75 years old then it is high time there is a youth that takes the initiative to do it themselves and keep rest aside. Then we can start to see demographic dividend youth can give.

Q) What is the success mantra for the students?

If you really want to see what the World holds for you then you need to look in side of your self.Look inside and find your happiness formulae. Once you find it you will know which is the mountain you want to climb. Your core strength competency will give a perspective on the path you choose to folklow for e.g. if you are good climber start climbing a mountain. Do what makes you happy. Then you can climb the rung successfully in your chosen field.

Q) Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I just joined Nabil bank so I see myself here with an amazing team we have over here.  We work together to achieve the unprecented heights. We are number 1 no two ways. After Nabil I don’t know I will continue in banking. After that may be I will take my passion of photography or in a consultancy, training and development. I want to share my knowledge and experience I gained over the years.

Q) Your message for Nepali New Year 2075 B.S.?

Use the year to make a dream a reality. It is not about new aspirations, new resolutions, new dreams, create plans to male them into a reality. No matter how big or small just don’t make dreams and resolutions but work on it to see it manifest.



Mr. Anil Keshary Shah

Dy. Chief Executive Officer

Nabil Bank

Durbar Marg, Kathmandu.





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