A Motivational Story Of Sukadev Karki

Sukadev Karki is a Nepali inspirational athlete who did not let the terrible accident isolate him from either of his passions, motorcycling or bodybuilding. He has been a source of inspiration to many youths in Nepal. Sukadev Karki talked with colleges Nepal about his story of struggle.

Sukadev Karki is 27 years old. He was very attached to motorbikes since childhood days. He thinks bikes were his passion; it was more precious than him. As a child he wanted his seniors to give him a ride on their bikes. It made him very happy. At high school, he asked his father to get him a motorbike. Being astute at that time his father thought that he was still young and denied his request. This made him sad and was invisible to his family for three days.

His dad on account of the situation to cheer him up bought him a Pulsar Motorbike for college. He felt a lot of trials to have full control on the bike and fell down often. At the age of 19, he went to the United Kingdom to study and work. He describes his life tough that time to manage for both. There he bought a bike after working for two years. The roadways at the UK were more functional for a rider like Sukadev. For racing at the speed of 100 Kph, it was not a problem as the speed limits allowed him to do so.

At 24, he rode a 600 c.c bike, he had a smaller frame so he started hitting gym and working out on his physique to get into shape for riding his bike.5 June 2015, his application for extension of VISA for U.K was cancelled and he came to Nepal, stayed in a hotel and surprised his family by the uninformed visit. This was a happy moment of his life. In U.K he had few bike accidents and here he used his brother’s bike instead of having his own. During that time the hunt for Mr. Nepal competition was going on and his gym instructor advised him to participate in the show. He started training and did intense workouts to develop muscles.

He wanted to gain some experience from this show. After few months, in August he bought KTM Duke 390. He didn’t venture far outside but inside the valley. Due to blockages in the country, the contest of Mr. Nepal got postponed. In October 3rd he advertised for selling his bike. At September, he got informed about his selection in Mr. Nepal contest from Kathmandu district. Before sales, in October 2nd he wanted to shoot a video for the reminder of his bike and him. He took two video shots with the bike and his brother was there also, yet he didn’t like the shots. Third time around he made a plan for the perfect shot. He came from the corner with full speed; he got distracted in the road and collided with an upcoming vehicle from another end.

He was gravely injured. People witnessing the accident scene thought there were few chances of his recovery. Police sirens came to the spot his brother was crying for him. He was covered with blood and 3-4 broken parts according to his know-how, he gained some senses but he couldn’t budge, he was in pain, shock and difficulty in breathing. His case was so critical, he was immediately referred to another hospital from the one he was taken. At K.M.C hospital, the doctors diagnosed that his injury was lots of internal bleeding, reduced oxygen level, body parts like hands, legs, and back were broken and went through treatment whose results were yet to be seen. With 18 bone fractures, his doctor told him that his life was god given and after that incident, he went to a huge emotional upheaval, he had to rest and let his injuries healed before attempting on anything physical.

When he was discarded from the hospital after signs of recovery he remembered staying alone in his room pacing himself of what went by and how he would spend the rest of his life. At Dashain, his relatives came to visit in his room and put tika with soggy eyes. By being strong-willed, after 3 months he lifted 2-3 kilos dumbbell and worked out his arms in the bed. During his training period, he had known what his resistance level was for workouts and after 4 months he walked, stretched his legs despite his doctor’s advice to lie down and rest. He was improving day by day and during August, he went to Pokhara for sight-seeing and came back and visits his doctor. The doctor scolded him seeing his backpack he was carrying. He laughed out and took off the backpack and with his brother he managed to oust the injury. He became healthier with good diet and exercise program and guess what? He started riding bikes. At first, he tested if he was able or not and after some attempt he made it. He rode his brother’s bike and people were shocked. He desired of wanting another bike but not riding it far which was opposed by the family. He bought Benali TNT 300 motorbike. That time, he didn’t have a full-time job he never wanted to go abroad post-accident.

He worked voluntarily at school in a teacher’s role and got swelling on the left foot from teaching. He was certain that swelling would stop and did gym lightly and went to quiet places. He managed to recover properly and gave up the idea of teaching. He planned to open a gymnasium and recruit staff for running it. He went to China for managing the equipment and when he came back the whole idea dissolved. He carried his backpack and rode the bike and was absent for weeks. He took safety measures in the top of his priority list. His aim is now to promote fitness and conducting personal training workshops. He made for Mr. Himalaya bodybuilding show and came up with the first runner up spot. He was immensely praised by his followers for his virtues.

He thinks every individual has different stories of their life. Life is so unpredictable that anything can happen out of nowhere and strike upon you. He doesn’t plan but stays focused in the present. He never in his life wants to repeat his mistakes. He learned a lesson from the accident. His message is safety comes first no matter where you are on the road. In Nepal, the casualties from bike accidents are reported very highly.

He advises to be very careful, never rash and use protective gears to keep the safety of you and of others while driving. “Road condition of Nepal is not appropriate for high speeds” is something he has realized the hard way. Don’t bend the traffic rules and bring safety is something he recommends to everybody. Prevention is better than cure so if someone is rash driving inform to the traffic or go and tell him in person if possible, are the ways to minimize road accidents in Nepal. This was his journey so far and we know he has a road ahead also.

This Article is based on the interview with Sukadev Karki.

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