Love your Gadgets

It’s not easy to imagine life without a Smartphone, laptop or tablet; how would we keep in contact with friends and family or update our social media? To make life a bit easier and avoid any gadget-related mishaps, we’ve put together our top tips to make sure your gadgets are protected at all times.


A good place to start is by protecting your beloved gadget from harm’s way. It’s worth investing in a phone case or a laptop bag, to avoid any damage from general wear and tear, drops and scrapes. You can salso have a bit of fun choosing a stylish case or cover – there are a great range of colorful phone cases available online so you don’t have to be restricted with a boring design.


Convenient as it might be, try not to leave your phone in the back pocket of your trousers or jeans. Even if it feels safe, there’s nothing to stop someone leaning across and pinching it from you without you realizing– and let’s not forget the classic ‘dropped my phone down the toilet’ fiasco. Keep your phone securely in your bag, or tucked away into a jacket pocket out of sight.


Avoid the dreaded moment of having to inspect your phone or laptop after watching it fall face-first onto the floor, by investing in a screen protector. Although electrical items are becoming much more resilient, make sure you keep yourself protected against the unexpected, whilst keeping your screen clean and scratch-free.


If you’re not going to be using your laptop or tablet and plan on leaving it in your room, it’s worth hiding it out of sight or if you want it to be totally secure, invest in a lock for your desk or storage cupboard. A number of laptops also come equipped with a small hole with which you can affix a ‘Kensington Lock’, securing the device to a cable anchored in your room.


Don’t rely on simply locking your phone, laptop or tablet - ensure you have gone into your settings and added a passcode to prevent anyone from picking up your gadget and having immediate access. Make sure you chose a passcode which isn’t easy to guess, like your birthday. The longest passcodes are usually the most difficult to crack.

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