Bandipur, Tanahu, Nepal, Kathmandu

If you are a nature lover and you travel to experience nature, then Bandipur is the best place for you. Bandipur is a traveller’s dream. A peaceful environment, captivating sceneries, and a picturesque view of multiple hill ranges will leave you stunned.


Located 143 km west from polluted city Kathmandu, in Tanahu district, Gandaki, those curvaceous and tiring 8 km road from Dumre to Prithivi Highway is worthwhile. The first thing you will notice about Bandipur when you reach there is the conserved traditional environment which makes you feel like you have reached to the ancient period and the time has stopped.


The traditional newari architecture in the main bazaar area are conserved till now by the inhabitants. The architectures are believed to be existing since 18th century. It is said that ‘Magars’ were the prior residence of Bandipur and they gave the name Bandipur to this place as ‘Ban’ means ‘forest’, ‘di’ means ‘water’ and ‘pur’ means ‘bazaar’. The water here is said to come directly from the forest. Later came Newars in Bandipur during Prithvi Narayan Shah reign and started business making Bandipur a centre for business. Now there are different castes of people in Bandipur living in harmony.


There won’t be any complications for accommodation as there is a number of lodges and guest houses with traditional newari carvings in the main bazaar. How can I forget to mention the majestic view of some highest mountains of Nepal. You can have the breath-taking panoramic view of mountains like Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, Langtang, Manaslu and Ganesh Himal from the top of the town.


At the edges of Bandipur lies some sacred temples like Bindabasini temple, Khadga Devi, and Thani Mai. These temples are well preserved. Across the Bindabasini temple, we can see a library called ‘Padma Library’ which is one of the oldest libraries in Nepal.


Have you heard of the largest cave of Nepal ‘Siddha Gufa’? It is also located in Bandipur. If you go hiking down the town along the stone paved path, you will reach the dark Siddha Gufa which is 437 m deep and 50 m high.


One of the municipalities of Nepal, Bandipur fully justifies its nickname “Queen of the hills”. The majestic panoramic mountain views, peaceful environment, friendly localities, traditional newari culture, you will find every one of them. Bandipur is a must go place to experience the gift of nature. So, immediately make a plan to Bandipur. Thank me later!

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