Memorable trip to Gosaikunda

I love traveling and being with nature. But due to my tight schedule, I can’t take out time. But this time I, along with my six friends planned a trip to Gosaikunda, located in Rasuwa district. We took every essential for trekking and we were all ready to go.

We gathered at Machhapokhari at 6:30 am and started our journey to Gosaikunda by bus. By 10:30, we reached Nuwakot where the bus stopped to have lunch. It took almost 3 hours to reach Dhunche due to rocky trails. The ride was difficult yet worthy as the destination we were about to reach was nothing less than heaven. We drop from the bus in Dhunche and divided our stuff. Our trek to Gosainkunda officially started from Dhunche.

We reached Deurali at 5 pm where we met a tourist along with his Nepali friend. They were really friendly. We parted assuring to see each other at Gosaikunda later. After one and half hour, we reached Dhimsa, located at 3100 m height. From there, we walked a height of 3250m to reach Chandanbari. It was 8 pm so, we decided to spend the night in a hotel.

We planned to walk up to Gosaikunda in the morning but dropped the plan because of heavy rain. At around 9 pm, the rain came to halt and we resumed our journey to Gosaikunda. But rain again started, however, we were prepared this time (had packed umbrellas and huge plastics) so we didn’t stop our journey. Sloppy and slippery path and on top of that leeches added thrill to our journey.

By 12 pm, we were at Lauribinayak. As we reached the top of Lauribinayak, we were stunned by the view.  It was heaven on earth. We were literally above the clouds. The weather was foggy up there which made us difficult to continue our walk. We couldn’t see our path and lost for a moment.

At around 5 pm, we reached Gosaikunda, at the height of 4380 m. We stayed at Hotel Tibet which we found quite reasonable but it lacked woods to burn fire. Chilly weather and no fire to raise the temperature. It was getting difficult to cope up with the cold. We plead the hotelier and finally, he let us burn the fire.

The next morning, we were set to go Gosaikunda (pond) but one of our friends wasn’t feeling well. So he stayed in the hotel and six of us headed to Gosaikunda. As we reached Gosaikunda, we were mesmerized by its beauty. We couldn’t stop ourselves and took numerous pictures of the beautiful landscape. We tried to take the holy bath in the Gosaikunda but it was so cold that we immediately came out of the pond. But we did take a dip. According to ancient belief, a bath at Gosaikunda can cure skin disease and also wash off your sins.

There was a Lord Shiva temple at the top. It is said that if we look at the Gosaikunda pond from there, we could see the image of Mahadev. There is also a cave where it is said that King Ambar Singh meditated till he died at the same place.  

We then returned to the hotel but shockingly our ill friend was almost unconscious. He was feeling difficult to breathe. There was no medicine, no doctor, no fire, no transportations, nothing. Luckily, we met the doctor that we met at Deurali. He checked him and told us that he was suffering from asthma and he should be lifted to less height so that he could breathe easily.  He gave him some medicines but still unconscious. Some distance below, we found an army camp and plead the army soldiers to help us take him down. They took him on a stretcher to Nuwakot and he finally took a deep breath.

We were really scared and filled with tears to see him in that condition. But thank God he is fine now. Conclusively, the trip to Gosaikunda was fun, adventurous, thrilling, and memorable obviously.

Suraj Katwal

Amrit Science Campus

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