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About the Program

United College offers a 4 year academic BCA program with various objectives and scopes, so that the students can know in detail about the program and its speciality.

Objectives of BCA

The objectives of BCA at United College are as follows:

  • To produce high quality computer application developers
  • To demonstrate a proper understanding of concepts in key areas of computer applications
  • To carry out required analysis and synthesis involved in computer and information systems, and computing applications
  • To demonstrate sound practical skills to address problems, that arises from computing systems and applications

Scope of BCA

The career or scope at United College for the BCA graduates are as follows:

  • System Analyst
  • System Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Database Administrator
  • System Designer

United College also provides additional grooming IT courses to make the BCA graduates ready for the job market. BCA graduates can work in major areas like:

  • Computer Graphics
  • System Analysis
  • Accounting Application
  • Programming Language
  • Database Management

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