Do not act like a guy

Don’t “act” like a guy Everyone is unique, just because we fall in a particular category as such, male or female doesn’t mean that our character and identity is entirely based on the stereotypes. It rather limits the possibilities of who we actually are and we can’t express ourselves. Why are you dressed like that? Are you seriously going to wear that to school? “You look like a guy in that shirt” some real comments made by few people on the way I used to dress myself. I was young, I wanted to be comfortable in whatever I wore but it changed. I have now become more “ladylike”. I didn’t fit into the stereotype that a girl should be elegant and pretty; I felt the need to change. Which was fine by me but it might be difficult for others. It would be a lie if I said, gender stereotype doesn’t exist because I have been stereotyped many times and I know that I am not the only one.

Bishakha Chand

St. Xaviers
A-Level final year

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