Innocent Plea: The Youngest Non-Virgin

Lalu uncle, my favorite
My superhero, next to my dad I love playing his mustache
And that pink dress he gave on my sixth birthday is really nice
Momma said i am a big girl
Yeah, I feel ashamed to do ‘su su’ infront of people

One day he came when i was alone
And he started tearing my new skirt, the gift of his own I wondered if he bought me a new one
He was kissing me all around
So different from his regular ‘puppy’ in my cheeks Before I asked him in amusement,
He was biting, sucking and scratching
In uttermost pain I yelled and screamed His big hands smothered and suffocated I was gasping for air
Don’t you dare cry, you little shit
His giant body, thumping and pounding and forcing Please help me dear god, I’m in fear
I was bruised, torn, bitten and shattered My feeble sob, could anybody hear?

Blackout, Is this a nightmare?
Hospital bed, cameras and huge crowd, Why are you here? You should have come in my birthday instead
Why I can’t smile at cameras here? He is a bad guy, he is a bad guy For he hurt me, he made me cry For he made my momma papa cry
I have never seen them cry so much before He must have done the same to them
He must have done the same to them
P.S. Stop rape, Stop child rape

Sushma Itani
NAIHS 1st Batch 

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