Effective Study Tips

Understanding ‘How to study smartly’ is pivotal to becoming the efficacious student. Lots of students spend hours and hours studying the same thing but are unable to recall it later. Have you ever wondered why does this happen? Do you want to know how to achieve the desired marks without studying for hours?
Here we have listed few tips that will help to improve your grades significantly.

Break your study into chunked sessions
The average students can only pay attention for about 25 to 30 minutes. After 25 to 30 minutes student’s efficiency starts to decline. Thus, studying for hours is not as effective as we think. Therefore after reading for a while take five minutes break and do something that is fun or at least stay away from your study.

Create a dedicated study area
The context provided by your environment largely determines your behavior, so design your study area to encourage actual study. If you try to study in the places like bedroom or living room you are going to get distracted. So find Private and quiet study area where nothing will distract you.

Active Learning
Rote memorization is not as effective method of learning as we were said in the school. The key to memorizing the things you have studied is to understand its concept.

Take notes
Soon after your class is over, make a note. Take a note of everything you have read in the class. It will help you boost your initial learning. Solidify the concept in mind and if you are confused about something ask your friend..

Summarize or teach what you learn
It’s one of the best ways to understand the chapter in more detail. While you teach the things you have learned your knowledge broadens. It makes sure you have understood the matter fully.

Use mnemonics to study facts
Acronyms, coined sayings, and image associations can help students remember information easier than rote studying. Rather than repeating the things you have read in a parrot-fashion, associate the term with something like some funny image, acronyms or coined sayings. It will be easier to recall the information later..

Create a study group
Studying in a group helps you a lot in a sense that if you are struggling to understand the concept you can take help from your counterpart. You can complete your assignment soon. However, make sure that you keep your group small and structured in order to avoid any kind of distraction.

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