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Loo is the creation of one of the successful novelist of Nepal, Nayan Raj Pandey, who depicted the life of people living in Terai and their issues such as poverty and discrimination. The book portrays the tortuous and miserable life of people living in Terai that is being affected by the mainstream politics.

Phool ko Aankha ma

A famous Buddhist nun, Ani Choing Dolma captivated the entire nation with her soothing voice but we got to witness her potential as a writer from the book ‘Phool ko Aankha ma’. She penned down the journey of her life; her troubled childhood, her later life as a Buddhist nun, her life as a singer and her life after success. The book is a proof that the shape of our life relies on our hand; we are unstoppable

Jeevan Kanda ki Pphool

The prestigious ‘Madan Puraskar’ winner, writer Jhamak Kumari Ghimire penned her life as a differently able person in her 2011 autobiography ‘Jeevan Kanda ki phool’. The book gives a glance to thirty years of her life with those physical barriers. The book is really inspiring and heart touching. It’s worth a read.

China Harayeko Manchhe

As they say ‘Behind a smiling face is hidden bitter sorrow’, the renowned comedian Hari Bansha Acharya poured his struggle, pain, misery, sorrow, sufferings in his autobiography ‘China harayeko manchhe’. The book is a package; it will make you laugh your heart out and will also make you cry a river. This is one book you should have on your shelf.

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