From me to you

College life is not always fun and games. One might miss their ‘cool’ college life after they pass out, but do we really miss all the hustle and bustle? And there are a few things we wouldn’t want to remember, so, it’s from me to you a few things you could avoid doing to make your college days more memorable and productive.

Well, when I think about my days as a student, the first thing I remember is procrastinating until the end of time when I actually didn’t have enough time to complete it. Well, take expert’s advice and don’t repeat it!
Similarly, not eating right and neglecting your health also adds troubles to your already busy life. Trust me, you don’t have time to fall sick! And also, only physical health is not being discussed here; keep your mind healthy too! You feel you’re not in a healthy relationship? LET IT GO! Don’t procrastinate about letting it go too!

And finally, one of the most common problems- poor sleep habits and skipping classes. Most of the morning students know the pain of having to skip classes because of poor sleeping habits. It might take a week or a month but it’s not something you can’t work on!
Come on, once you start arriving fresh to your classes, studies will be a lot of fun and interesting!
Well, try to work on these and you’ll have a lot to look back on when you actually finish your college. After all, we all like to hold on to good memories, right?

Priyanka Mainali
St. Xaviers, Maitighar

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