Need of an Internship after Training

Academic qualification is very important for us to make a strong foundation on the basis of which we can perform well at our work place. Academic qualification cannot fulfill everything since it has a fixed outline which has to be completed within a fixed timeline.

Therefore, professional training comes in place where students get to have an in-depth idea of a particular topic on which they are interested. Professional trainings can be designed based on the requirement of an individual or the industry. It can be basic, intermediate or advanced. However in most of the cases trainings are designed to fulfill the need of a job.

It is a known fact that when we enroll for a professional training then we need to have a good idea on the subject matter. However, there are few cases where students are ready to do the job as soon as the training completes.
Training is not self-sufficient in most of the cases. Students have to go for an internship after their training. They have to implement things whatever they have learnt during their training period. Internship has to be designed in such a way that it provides a professional approach to build their skills.

Either it is management, information technology, social science or engineering internship is equally important for all. These days there is a very high competition for job. Professional training is not sufficient to get a good job. One has to prove their skills in their actual workplace before they are selected for a job. Hence Internship provides a good experience for the job. Internship has to be designed in such a way that it matches the environment of the actual workplace. It is equally important to check the performance of an intern and provide constant feedback on the assigned task until it is accomplished by the intern. If assistance is not provided then internship will not be fruitful as expected for the intern. Students have to make sure that they select internship on the area they are interested. In some cases we see that students are compelled to select the internship in an area that is different than their interest. This happens with some college students where they don’t get good internship opportunity and end up taking whatever comes in front of them. This is not very fruitful for students.

If you can do the internship successfully and prove that now you are ready to do the job then in that case the training center can provide you with good placement opportunity. Normally training centers get the requirements of candidate most of the time.
Hence a good recommendation from a renowned training center can help students to start their career easily. We can see the trend of asking job experience with the vacancy. The internship done after the training period can be shown as an experience by the candidate. Internships can also be designed in accordance with the requirement of companies so that once the trainee complete their internship then they can directly be placed in the company.

Therefore, in today’s context where experience is a requirement to get a job even for fresher’s thus one must be very cautious about selecting a professional training center. Trainees have to select a professional training center on the basis of their training methodology. A training center with a strong methodology must have all the elements of training, internship and job placement opportunity.

Students of IT Training Nepal are very fortunate since all the three elements are present in the training center. IT Training Nepal has been able to create opportunities for trainees. Most of the interns are placed for job after the completion of their training and internship period. During our short conversation with IT Training Nepal we discovered that they are still not being able to fulfill the demand of the market in terms of human resources. They said that why students are not serious enough to take a step forward to us for the training, internship and job placement opportunity.

Meera Bohara

HR Manager

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