What recruiters look?

Answering what recruiters look for in a candidate is a very difficult question as it may differ based on the company, the job that you are looking for and the boos. However, there are some qualities that recruiters would appreciate to find in their future employees.

Passion and Motivation
The first thing recruiter see is how passionate the employee on board is about his work. Passion is an ingredient for self-motivation in employee to give his best to what he is doing. This will increase productivity in work.


Recruiter often sees how great team working spirit is within the interviewee. Good team spirit keeps happy and positive working environment.

This is a key thing recruiter look in an employee on board. Employee capable to learn new skills quickly get many opportunities among others at work. If a employer finds a good problem solving capability in you, they will look at you as a valuable addition to his team.

Every employer knows the importance of communication in business. Lack of 4 communication can hurt business relationships, deals and jobs. Thus, employer seek a good communication skills in the employee.

5 Every boss wants to have an employee who can be trusted and relied for important positions in company. Being competent is important but if the employee is trustworthy and competent both, its a great feeling to the employer.

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