Why Bachelor in Information Management (BIM)

Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) is a four year course. The major aim of this program is to produce efficient IT professionals capable of using of computers and computational techniques, develop helpful information systems and solve real life problems in the organizations. Database management, program analysts, network analysis and management, system designers, trainers etc are the wide range of jobs that BIM graduates will be rewarded with.

Eligibility: +2, Minimum 50%

Affiliation: Tribhuvan University

Entrance Exam: CMAT Required

Entrance Date: September

Cost: Approx. 4 Lakhs above depending upon colleges

Salary: 10k or above (for fresher)


BIM Graduate

I was always interested in programming but I was really confused at the time of choosing program in the Bachelor level. The freedom to choose either IT field or management field after graduation is one of the advantageous facilities that the course offers the students. So BIM turned out to be best for me as it covers two fields. BIM is an integrated subject that combines Information Technology with managerial skills. I feel I have become a socially responsible IT professional who is skilled enough to solve real world problem. I learned object-oriented software design methods and data management systems and now I am working in an IT company as PHP programmer since 1 year. Another attractive feature about BIM is that the students who studied management in +2 can apply for this course. It is not necessary to choose science to choose IT later.

Kshitiz Dhakal

PHP Developer

E-prabidhi Pvt. Ltd.


BIM Student

BIM bridges the gap between IT and other business functions. I'm glad that I chose BIM as undergraduate academic degree as it is a hybrid program with a mix of management and information technology courses. This course is very beneficial to grow management skills along with IT as it provides intense knowledge on IT subjects like programming, networking, database, data mining along with various management subjects.  In future, I would like to be an entrepreneur and handle my own business. Combining the knowledge of IT and management will definitely be very beneficial for the success of a business.

Talking about the career options, BIM opens wide career options for students, as most of the organization nowadays prefer for applicants with both a business management education as well as an IT background.

Bikesh Shrestha

Orchid International College

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