Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc. CSIT)

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is a four years course which is offered by various colleges in Nepal under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University. Over the completion of the course, the graduates will be able to design technical solutions to the real-world problems regarding hardware and software. The course builds up the critical and analytical skills essential for computer professionals, Network Administrator, IT managers, Computer Programmers, Systems Analysts, Web Developers, Database Administrator, etc.

Eligibility: Intermediate level or +2 level or A level in science stream with minimum of 45% marks

Affiliation: Tribhuvan University

Entrance Exam: Ashwin

TU Admission Form Charge: NRs. 1,200/-

Cost: NRs. 3,00,000 to 5,00,000/-

BSc. CSIT Graduate

Why did you choose B Sc CSIT?

I was once invited at an interaction program focusing B Sc CSIT. Most of the students were confused due to lots of advertisement of courses in newspaper and other media. It might be because CSIT seems similar to engineering but there’s a huge difference. World has been witnessing some drastic evolution in the field of IT which has made the study of IT field a mandatory to keep up with the technological change. The graduates of B Sc CSIT can find job opportunities as Web Designers, Software Engineers, Web Developers, Project Managers, Network Administrators, Database Administrators, Application Developers, Software Quality Assurance Engineers, etc. There is lots of space for improvement in the field of IT in Nepal so we need maximum number of highly qualified IT professionals who will change the face of IT field of Nepal. 

Prakash Neupane

Co-founder, Nepflights


BSc. CSIT Student

The course B Sc. CSIT is offered by Nepal’s renowned Tribhuvan University. It is an integrated course of Information Technology and Computer Science. In B Sc. CSIT, we study the design and analysis of software, software development technologies, and hardware used to solve problems in a variety of business, etc. CSIT gives a solid grounding in logic, strategic thinking, and teamwork. In B Sc. CSIT, we have a lot of choices to specialize on like databases/data mining, networking and systems, artificial intelligence, security, software engineering, application software development, computer graphics, etc. It focuses equally on both practical implementations as well as theoretical knowledge. We get to learn current market scenario of Computer Science during the project works and final year internship during.

A great career without a great education is only a dream so to achieve good education for building the good career; I have chosen B Sc. CSIT.

Shyam Bakhrel

Nagarjuna College of IT

Pulchowk, Hariharbhawan

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