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Riyasha Dahal



Gives us your introduction?
I am Riyasha Dahal. I am studying BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration). My aim is to be a successful person so that my family can be proud of me. I am kind to others but I am not a soft person.

What are your interests and hobbies?
My hobbies are singing, dancing, acting, playing basketball, shopping, eating and spending night out with friends.

Your association with Colleges Nepal?

I am here at Colleges Nepal because of my brother. I was here for a VJ (Video Jockey) but when the owner saw me do acting he approached me for playing some short videos. I love acting as I can present myself to others through acting. It is necessary for me because it gives me self-motivation, boost up my confidence level and establish public relations. Colleges Nepal is the right platform to get all this.



Piyush Giri

Dhangadi Engineering Campus


Tell us about yourself?

I am Piyush Giri. Currently, I am working in IT Training Nepal as trainer and developer.

Your interest and hobbies?

I was a computer whiz since young age. I am in the field of computer engineering. I am also seen acting for You Tube videos in pivotal roles.

Your association with Colleges Nepal?

First, as an actor and also for hosting shows. I work in creative field and come up with new ideas and stories for making videos. My experience tells me acting is quite hard. We must enhance acting skills and with lot of practice and dedication only you can achieve good results.



Shekhar Adhikari

Banepa NIST


Give us your introduction?
I am Shekhar Adhikari. I am You Tube media entertainer. I am also a student and I will be applying for U.S soon.

What are your interest and hobbies?
Creativity is my passion. I am imaginative and I conceptualize those imaginations into realistic grounds.

Your association with Colleges Nepal?

Very beautiful association I would say. It is also a turning point of my life. We are growing together since past 6 months. I was acting when I was 8. After winning talent hunt during childhood my acting work began. I did plays, dramas. My mother is also Mithila artist I had her DNA and continuing it we came in You Tube and did acting for Colleges Nepal videos.



Saugat Aryal

Trinity International


Tell us about yourself?

I am Saugat Aryal. I am from Syangja but I stay in Bhaktapur. I have completed 12 and will be applying for U.S. but there is time so I am using free time to enhance my creativity.

Interest and hobbies?

Photography, videography, editing and acting.

Your Association with Colleges Nepal?

We made you tube videos when I was studying in 12. I met a friend called Badri he introduced me to Colleges Nepal and showed them my videos which was liked. They want people who can do acting and it was possible to work here. We made the whole series of Rowdies from scratch. Overall a wonderful journey.

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