Education News Poush 2074

Educationists demand ranking of colleges in Nepal

Educationists have demanded that the government rank colleges on the basis of the percentage of

students who get employed after graduation. They said ranking on this basis would create healthy

competition among colleges and encourage them to improve the quality of education.


Tribhuvan University publishes results 2074

Tribhuvan University, Institute of Science and Technology published the exam result of the semester wise

examination of following subjects.1.M.Sc. Botany III Semester, M.Phil. Math I Semester Result, M.Sc.

Biodiversity & Environmental Management II Semester Result, M.Sc. Hydrology and Meteorology 1st and

3rd Semester, M.Sc Statistics II Semester Supplementary Exam Result, BBA and BIM 2nd Semester

Regular Examination 2017, BBM 8th Semester Regular Examination 2017.


Student unions, TU trade blame at delay in Master's degree exams in Valley

The semester system enforced for the first time at Master's level in Tribhuvan University (TU)-affiliated

campuses of the Kathmandu Valley has not been implemented effectively due to the delay in conducting

the first semester exams. While TU officials blame the student unions for forcing them to defer the exams,

the student unions accuse TU authorities of failing to hold the exams on time.


10,000 students get scholarships in Terathum

District Education Office Terathum has distributed scholarship to 10,317 students. District education has

provided scholarships in district schools for dalit, disabled, marginalized students to facilitate education.


Growing popularity of International courses

The institutions are running international courses particularly because of the demand driven market. Dr

Tulasi Thapaliya, Under Secretary at the Ministry of Education, says these institutions are fulfilling the

demand of those students who are opting for internationally recognized courses. He says, “Colleges are

coming to us for the approval of a range of subjects. The colleges also see huge prospects in these

courses. That is why they are investing huge amounts to establish their institutions.”


Students vandalize Purbanchal University.

The angry students who came to the protest demanding the cancellation of test, have broken into the

office of Purbanchal University in Morang Gothat.Thegroup of protestors broke out at G.P. Koirala

College affiliated to Purbanchal University.


CCTV connection to community school

Around 2 lakhs was spend on CCTV cameras and Digital sound system was installed in 11 classrooms.

The ministry of Education has supported in installation of CCTV cameras. Speaking at the inauguration

program on Tuesday, District education officer Mr. Yogendra Prasad Baral said after using CCTV

cameras and sound system it will make the right impact on proving holistic education in the school.

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