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For many aspiring students earning a degree from reputed academic institutions and Universities must have adequate funds to invest in their tuition and admission fees. It is not possible to afford the cost quickly because the cost of education for Parents and also for the self-employed is hefty so they decide to pay in installments rather than down payment for the on-going admission.

Education has a crucial role not only for the students but also for its facilitators to provide guaranteed satisfaction of the concerned groups and have standards in their performance and results. For this they have made tie up with financial companies and banks that are also equally keen on making education affordable and accessible to most by giving service of education loans to Nepali citizens. Last decades many youths were seen migrating to foreign lands from Nepal for their study. United Kingdom, U.S.A, Australia are the major destinations of Nepalese students. Their education is also tied up with cost of living and studying as a result Nepali banks are providing this service by funding in their education to support the students. In Australia, cost of living, migration are expensive still many hadn’t obtained education loans to fund their education. Education loans require collateral, complex documentation procedures, high interest rate which made students less interested in taking the education loans. Banks have made education loan less hassle free and provided competitive schemes for proving education loans for Nepalese supporting the cause for education. Some of the schemes of leading banks are:




Maximum loan amount: Rs 80.00 Lacs*

Student eligibility

·         Should be a Nepalese citizen.

·         The student should have at least intermediate/higher secondary level (plus two) qualification.

·         The academic student’s parents/guardian should have sufficient regular income to service interest.

·         Their uncommitted monthly income should be at least 1.40 times of interest payable for student having at least 50% marks in their latest academic qualification,

·         1.50 times of interest payable for student having less than 50% marks in their latest academic qualification


Eligible Courses

·         Graduate / Masters and above

·         Professional courses (graduate and above)


Expenses considered

·         Fees payable to College /Hostel (Admission fee, tuition fee, examination fee, laboratory fee, library fee)

·         Purchase of books, equipment, instruments required for the course

·         Cost of passage (for studies abroad)

·         Boarding and lodging expenses (Recognized hostels by the institution)



Processing fee: 

·         1% of the loan amount or Rs. 5000.00 whichever is higher.

Prepayment charge:

·         A prepayment charge at the rate of 2% on the prepaid amount shall be recovered. If loan is repaid after 12 months of the date of sanction, the prepayment charge shall be 1%.

Commitment fee:

A commitment fee at the rate of 0.25% of unutilized loan shall be charged.

CIC report fee:

·         Rs 250.00 flat for report with no transaction details per person. 

·         Rs 550.00 flat for report with transaction details per person.


Repayment scheme:

Moratorium: A maximum period of 5 years or the completion of course designated, whichever is earlier. 
Repayment: The loan shall be repaid in 5 years after the moratorium period on EMI basis. 
Interest during moratorium period: The parents/guardian of the student shall pay the interest during the moratorium period on quarterly basis as per Nepali calendar. 


·         Land and building having value of at least 133.33% of loan amount.

·         Loan up to 95% of Fixed Deposit/Government securities. 




It is a convenient and complete financial solution provided against collateral security for meeting the requirement of their customers that shall cover entire expenditure pertaining to educational institutes, transportation fare, stationeries and logistics.

Loan Features:

·         Tenure: Up to 10 Years including moratorium period

·         Service Charge: 1% on approved loan limit

·         Financing: Maximum up to NPR 10 Million 

·         Premium (%p.a. on base rate) up to 6%        


Loan Eligibility Criteria:

·         Working Professionals

·         Salaried Individuals

·         Self-Employed Individuals


Interest Rate: 10.27% to 16.27%

Loan Amount: NA to NPR. 5,000,000

Loan Tenure: 0 yrs to 10 yrs

Loan Features:

·         Tenure: Up to 10 Years including moratorium period

·         Service Charge: 1% on approved loan limit

·         Financing: Maximum up to NPR 5 million





Below mentioned Parents and guardians of the students

·         Permanent Salaried Individuals in continued service for minimum 2 years

·         Professionals – at least in 2 years in practice.

·         Self-employed businessmen – at least 2 years in business

·         High Net worth Individuals (HNI: Having personal net worth of more than NPR 10 million)


For the payment of admission fees, monthly fees, examination fees, books, stationery and instruments required for course undertaken by borrowing scholar.


·         Minimum Loan Amount NPR 100,000 and Maximum Loan Amount NPR 5 Million

·         Loan can be granted up to 90% of the Distress Value subject to the maximum loan limit.

·         Maximum loan tenure of 15 years.

·         Management Fee of 1% of the sanctioned loan amount

·         Repayment in equated monthly installments basis.

(The above loans must be supported by the supporting documents which can vary from bank to bank. Please contact the concerned banks for more updates).

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