Student's Perspective - Shownal Sharma

Nation Building is refered as a constructive process to develop Country. Nation can be developed if today’s youth actively participate in the activities like infrastructure development, jobs in social sector and leaders in political arena for bringing the voice of the nation to the decision makers. They can play active role for economic and politicla stabilty. Youth’s have tremendous potential to create the future of our Country. Youths must use their rights to confront issues heads-on and aid the government to make a policy that can benefit all the citizens and as well as our Country.

Shownal Sharma

KCMIT College

Bachelor in Information Management.

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    The role of youth in nation building has been a cliche topic of discourse throughout generations. The importance of youth population in strengthening the pillars of the nation and society at large has stood the testament of time with youth led revolution and movements throughout centuries.


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