Students Perspective On Golden Pathways

For me, living my dreams is not necessarily defined by how much money I will make, or how luxurious my life is. Rather, I would feel like I am living to fulfill my dream when I have fulfilled my ambitions and become absolutely satisfied with it, making everyone around me happy. I have reached a golden path.







The ability to create success is the product of a unique combination of skills, mindset and abilities that you can trip into again and again to achieve your biggest dreams. That is an important thing to remember because each journey of success in your life will evolve with many more successes. Some will be start and some will end, but more often they will morph along the way, because success is never a final destination

Although different people have different perspective. I think regarding that matter dreams is the way to live a life and for me to live my dream I have to go through three simplest paths. Firstly, I have to know myself and my interest, passion. Secondly want to real love to do out of love and with full enthusiasm. This way, we can easily reach our destiny. In my own kingdom, it is pivotal that I respect myself and my interest .Eventually, I want to approach  structures of my dream . Range of learning and effective learning is crucial for this.


B.PH. 3rd Sem.
Nepal institute of health sciences





As far I am concerned there is always one theory to achieve and live dreams that is to grow intimate passion on what you are dreaming and never to give up from working on it even though the world says ‘enough’. A person never knows what he is capable of until he/she tries it. Eventually trying hard takes you to where you want to be. But trying and working on our dreams is never easy. It is pathway with millions of ups and downs. Here, my suggestion to everyone for thriving dreams is, “Never stop when you are about to have it”. A few more patients can take to your dream. There are some points when we breakdown while working on our dreams but being patient and our own belief should not be lowered because a trier never fails. I would like to give example of famous singing reality show ‘American idol’ which is now franchised to all over world including our country Nepal recently. When the first American Idol audition was held thousands of people came for audition. The makers of American Idol had breakdown thinking it was dumbest idea of running show and it was impossible to held competition like that when millions of general people were competing with each other. But today look, how this franchise is going as world most important singing show. Now it is the dream of many interested youth to become an Idol.  This is also a fine example for creating pathways to our dream.





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