Youth- Nutrition Capsule of the Country!


I was walking around Durbarmarg where I came across the dead rani Pokharai, shattered into pieces, I went to the flash back when Kathmandu looked adorable, it was the time during SAARC , lamp of hope flickered in every youths heart yes we can make it better, as rapid changes happened inside the Valley “Blooming of flower overnight in the mandala street, maitighar, The amazing Saturday cleanliness program run , the green on every roadside added the grace, I could never imagine a Musical Dancing Fountain, could make “ Ranipokhari” so rich!! I could hear from everyone’s word that anything can happen if we want to change.


Kathmandu never had looked so rich and beautiful. Secretly, I swooshed loud and wished, these rapid changes may happen every day. I even thought that if these kind of even would be regular in Nepal, how would it look like? I wished and hoped for the continuation of the Change. The mesmerizing change made me glow and hopeful that Country is going towards positive change. Looking at the same Ranipokharai in 2014 and now in 2017 is heart wrenching! Devastation came and my faith was completely shattered when I frequently saw the video clips of “Netas” inside the assembly hall, where everyone was dressed up in great safari suits and traditional Dhaka Topi’, throwing chairs upon each other. Yes, they were the one we public chose wisely to run the nation. A negative outcome has been generated everywhere from this scenario. Everyone has the same tone, which nothing is going to happen in this country, the most frustrated group being the youth. This generates some fundamental questions as what governance is all about. Everybody seems talking about the good governance, the concept of governance itself is not a new and is as old as the start of human civilization. Is the ongoing change a part of any so called “good governance”, as the valley these days seems to be in the process of keeping up appearances, as everywhere you look there are roadwork and construction that no one can explain? Every citizen is aware of the bureaucracy, and have generalized that police and public institutions are highly politicized along partisan lines, de-motivated, show poor esprit and weak to enforce rule of law and deliver essential public services. Many of younger generation express their frustration against the way things are running in the country. The political transition has remained still and not changing. But who is to blame for all these? I have often thought about what went wrong and who is to blame. It is easy to blame the bureaucrats and the Netas. But why has Nepali youth become numb and mum or dumb!!!


People matter in any decision making process and some people matter a lot. Since, the operating principle of the nation is “people centric’. Yes, here we talk about youth interest in politics. It seems the generation today shows no interest in enrolling into politics, but everyone is happy talking about how USA, Japan or any European country’s advancement. All most every youth has set mind on flying off and settling down abroad, as we can measure by the economy regain from the DV form filling fever every year, Besides that, if you do a general survey, the most incoming business today is no other than Consultancies linking up abroad studies, and work. But how many have you seen filling form for Government job “LokSewa”. Why are the youth not interested in settling inside the country and what is the factor lacking behind this, more importantly whom are youth waiting to create a change for themselves, if they are complaining upon the “ Netas” Is not this high time to take up responsibility towards themselves? Youth are the driving force of any nation; they are the harbingers of changes.

Only youth can make people aware and receptive to change and raise the consciousness among people about their rights and duties. And the youth needs to take this section more seriously. Youth today just cannot act as watchdog, barking as they sense any threat to themselves; rather they can step into take shoulder and try understanding the ongoing process; as everyone dream of overnight change to happen, which is not possible without their own step forward.

Even a single gesture in social media today can make a difference and we all know it. We make loud noise and chat for hours in a tea-Guff about how Nepal could maintain and pace towards development but when it comes to just a share about some social issue in face book, we rather would bypass the very post. Even if we go check out the link read analyze and feel it’s true. We all have become such a good critic, but we ourselves cannot make the move or even cannot join others move which is even worse. It starts from a single home, a single youth, home, a single gesture of us can make a little difference, so why not make youth power visible from whichever way possible; make stay in country to make the change happen! After all, youth are the nutrition capsule of the country!

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